R&R Marketing Group, Inc. Uses Travel Perks to Recruit

The R&R Marketing Group, Inc. management team is always seeking the best and brightest talent. According to Conrad, the company director, they are offering travel opportunities as a recruiting tool.

​Conrad indicated that attracting top-tier talent is an important aspect of his job. For the sales and marketing firm to thrive, it is important to constantly bring new perspectives and ideas into the team. Offering opportunities to travel and see the world is one way that the R&R Marketing Group, Inc. team is attracting that talent, explained Conrad.

“Traveling offers our associates opportunities to experience new cultures and meet new people,” he said. “It also helps keep burnout to a minimum. It is pretty hard to feel worn out by the routine when you are visiting exciting new places. Travel can also be a great source of stories to tell. We are always swapping tales about our experiences in other cities.”

"Traveling offers our associates opportunities to experience new cultures and meet new people,"

Conrad, Director

R&R Marketing Group, Inc.’s Director Discusses the Business Benefits of Travel

Travel opportunities for team members aren’t entirely altruistic, as Conrad explained. There are many benefits for R&R Marketing Group, Inc. that are gained from regular team travel. He indicated that professionals who go on the road tend to be more comfortable with taking risks. This is important for the company, which relies on team members to create innovative campaign ideas.

“I think travel also gets people a little more invested in the team’s goals,” he continued. “This is especially true when we travel together for a retreat or to a conference. It brings us a little closer together and gets us a little more focused on succeeding as a team. Those small improvements pay off in a big way over time.”

He also indicated that traveling provides an opportunity to learn about each other in new ways. It is easy to think of colleagues only in the context of work. However, when visiting places away from the office, it’s easy to learn new things about each other, Conrad indicated. Sometimes an exciting skill or talent is even uncovered.

“The value of meeting customers face-to-face cannot be denied, either,” he concluded. “People like to work with professionals they know they can trust. There is no better way to establish trustworthiness than to interact in person. R&R Marketing Group, Inc. was built on this principle and we apply it to everything we do. Traveling delivers huge returns for us time and time again.”

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