R&R Marketing Group, Inc. Emphasizes Business Values

The executives at R&R Marketing Group, Inc. are focused on company values and team development. The Director highlighted how management uses this foundation to create inspirational leaders.

“At R&R Marketing Group, Inc., we understand strong values serve as the basis of our business,” said Conrad, the Director. “Individuals want to work in an environment that inspires them while they are given the opportunity to develop their skill sets.”

“Defining values is more than hanging banners and making pronouncements,” said Conrad. “At R&R Marketing Group, Inc., we use this approach to build loyalty and trust.” The management team defines key behaviors annually, and monitors progress on a quarterly basis. “When individuals share the same work ethic and integrity, they have a higher level of performance and job satisfaction,” he added.

"When everyone embraces the company's values, growth follows,"

Conrad, Director

The management team also knows strong values promote an inclusive environment. “When everyone embraces the company’s values, growth follows,” said Conrad. “People collaborate, which enables them to produce the results that make us leaders in the industry.”

“Having a clear mission also allows us to develop our team,” added the Director. “When new hires walk in the door, we make an effort to understand their objectives.” Managers work with associates to help them design personalized career plans. “We want people to feel challenged and appreciated for their contributions,” he added. “This produces a positive effect on the dynamics and morale of the organization.”

R&R Marketing Group, Inc. Develops New Leaders

Conrad and the executives at R&R Marketing Group, Inc. know the company’s success is dependent on the roles of its leaders. That is why the management team continually focuses on developing associates’ leadership skills. “We want every individual to lead the company one day,” he said.

“Our values-based foundation has enabled us to create a learning-based environment,” said Conrad. “Team members work together to solve problems on a daily basis. There are many opportunities for individuals to step up and lead.” Under the guidance of senior team members, new associates are routinely given projects that will push them out of their comfort zones. “One of the best ways to learn is by doing,” he added.

Aside from team-focused training, the company has a formalized coaching program that pairs new associates with experienced managers. “When a new hire walks in the door, leadership training begins,” said the Director. “This program allows the incoming person to learn the ropes more efficiently. Plus, it’s a great way to understand the business. Individuals who finish the program absolutely thrive.”

Conrad and the management team at R&R Marketing Group, Inc. are excited about the future. “Given our stellar track record, we are positioned for a profitable 2016,” he said. “Our commitment to business values and our team are what make us successful. We expect great things from our up-and-coming leaders.”

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