R.B. Bormaster & Associates, P.C Experts in Truck Accident Litigation

R.B. Bormaster & Associates law firm helps victims of auto or traffic accidents in which a commercial vehicle or truck happened to be at fault in the accident. These cases can generally be complex, however their expert Texas truck accident injury attorneys have handled thousands of these cases with tremendous success.

Local Houston based Texas law office now to take on trucking accident injury cases throughout the entire State in addition to standard traffic accidents in order to help victims get both justice and compensation that is deserved.

Texas auto accident injury attorney Ryan Bormaster now to handle truck accident cases.

According to Bormaster "Truck accident lawyers in general must have extensive knowledge of how to approach these types of legal scenarios, especially considering the fact that each incident can have multiple accountable parties that may have played a role in the cause of the traffic accident. In Texas, according to Texas Department of Transportation, there were 3,189 fatal accidents and many of those were caused by large 18 wheeler or commercial truck vehicles. The goal of the law firm is to assist victims in obtaining the proper compensation in the event of serious injury, even death. The fatality rate in a large commercial trucking accident is very high in most cases and for obvious reasons."

In order for the attorneys to properly serve victims of these type of cases, there must be a thorough investigation of the scene, and the responsible parties must be contacted. A responsible party in this type of situation can be a mechanic who failed to properly repair the vehicle, the cargo company for loading too much weight than the truck can handle, or the company the driver of the truck is employed by for their negligence in addition to the negligence of the driver. There are so many directions that these cases can lead to, and this is why this local law firm is ready to take on these types of situations, it’s all about the victims obtaining the very best in legal representation that not every personal injury law office is fully equipped to handle.

The Texas highways make up one of the most common auto accident locations in the entire country for many reasons, and several commercial transportation vehicles pass through day and night. Hiring the right injury lawyer for any victim is key in these types of personal injury claims, and settlements can be in the millions.

For more information about us, please visit http://www.commercialtruckaccidentlawyertexas.com/

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Name: Ryan B. Bormaster
Organization: R.B. Bormaster, P.C.
Address: 2425 Fountain View Dr #290, Houston, TX 77057
Phone: 888-659-0524


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