ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc. Announces Guaranteed Motor Vehicle Accident Leads That Work

MVA and Commercial Truck Accident Leads

​​​Motor vehicle accident attorneys work hard for good leads, but they don’t have to. Thanks to the Rapid Traffic Leads Program®, which provides Zero Risk MVA Leads™, attorneys can obtain exclusive auto, truck and motorcycle leads for attorneys. The MVA leads are verified against the criteria the attorney provides and only pay for clients that have signed the attorney's retainer, HITECH and HIPPA documents. With the verified lead only option, an expert intake specialist calls the lead and verifies the information before passing it on to the attorney. This makes the intake process more efficient and less costly while improving the conversion rate.

Ranking high on search engine pages in medium to large cities for a given motor vehicle accident-related keyword with a large number of competing websites is almost impossible. Keyword competition is so intense that it could take many months, or even years, to show results. In the meantime, if Google comes up with an update, it can drops you off the search page into oblivion, back to square one.

An attorney wanting to be in the top spot in the Google search engine will need to use Pay Per Click, or PPC (Google Ads) and the cost of just a click can be astronomical.  In some markets, the cost can be more than $400 per click.

Law firms have been paying a great deal of money to bogus lead generation agencies that deliver poor quality leads or none at all. Dozens of these leads may be bought before an attorney gets a decent case. The average MVA lead costs $250-$350 from these agencies and the cost is on the rise. If a lawyer only signs one lead in ten, the of acquisition is $2,500-$3,500. 

Many law firms, even if they can get good leads, often mishandle them.

·         More than 40% of qualified leads who seek to become retained are lost.

·         More than 75% of claimants contact at least two law firms before making a decision.

·         Most law firms stop following up with potential leads after just 4 attempts.

·         Most law firms stop following up with qualified leads after just 5 attempts.

The Rapid Traffic Leads Program® is the solution. We provide signed retainer motor vehicle leads that are exclusive to your firm, your target market, ready to litigate.           

·        Online marketing drives calls or form fills to the intake center.

·         A legal services staff member reviews the lead’s case with them by phone, using the criteria you provided to qualify the lead.

·         If the lead meets your qualifications, a signed electronic copy of your firm’s retainer and other required information is obtained.

·         The signed retainer and other required documents are sent by email to your firm along with the confirmed contact information.

Stop wasting your money, time and energy chasing down leads. Start using the Rapid Traffic Leads®, Zero Risk MVA Leads™ Program to generate revenue for you and your law firm today.


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PR Contact Name: Edward Lott, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Phone number: 855-943-8736 x-101 (Toll Free)
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Source: ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc.

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