QX Academy is Here to Train 1,000 Accountants by 2022

One of India’s fastest growing outsourcing providers, and now the largest accountancy firm in West India, will train and hire 1,000 accountants by 2022 through its QX Academy. The Ahmedabad-based accounting outsourcing firm established its in-house academy to cultivate new talent and to ensure they have a reliable flow of talented accountants to meet their clients' needs.

The first 23 students from all over India have now officially begun their training in U.K. accountancy. They will be receiving a combination of classroom work and samples of client type tasks before moving on to actual client work.

Within four months, the students will have completed the training modules, will also become Xero certified and will be proficient enough to start working on client data.

Chris Robinson, Executive Chairman, QX Group, said, “QX aims to reach out to the local talent, refine their skills and make them ready for their careers in QX. We’re investing £1 million into the Academy to leverage the talent pool available in India and create the much-needed bridge between talent and vacant jobs that are difficult to fill due to shortage of skills. We plan to have over 1,000 accountants by 2022 and the Academy is vital to meeting that goal.”

QX has been hiring accountants at an astounding rate owing to global expansion initiatives within the organisation, but there’s still a shortage of qualified accountants. The Academy will reduce this pressure, as all the U.K. training will be done in-house.

Dishant Desai, Operations Manager, QXAS UK, stated, “Our experience and expertise in the accounting sector help us to tailor the training courses to meet client requirements. This ensures that our growing clientele always has access to a stream of qualified accountants, so they can continue to provide excellent work to their clients without affecting TAT and quality.”

Start your career to success

We’re now taking applications for the February 2020 batch of the QX Academy. If you’re a student pursuing IPCC, ACCA, CA/CA Inter and CMA/CMA Inter or have completed a B.Com/M.Com or an MBA and are looking to jump-start your career, then apply here. 

Source: QX Ltd