QWERX Revolutionizes Dynamic Device Security Over Starlink Network

QWERX Demonstrates Limitless Potential of Secure Machine Authentication With Ephemeral Key Infrastructure

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QWERX, a cybersecurity company that delivers dynamic machine authentication, proudly announces a groundbreaking achievement in device security over the Starlink network. With our patented QWERX Enterprise Secure Perimeter (QESP) product, QWERX has demonstrated the ability to effortlessly secure any connected device, anywhere.

On November 7, QWERX achieved a historic milestone by securely enrolling an endpoint device into a network using Starlink and continuously authenticating it with ephemeral keys that rotate every three seconds. This unparalleled feat showcases the potential to authenticate devices worldwide, transcending any terrestrial network limitations.

Key Features of QWERX's Revolutionary Technology:

  • Network Agnostic: QWERX's technology can authenticate devices globally over any network, proven by handshaking every three seconds over Starlink. 
  • Provider Agnostic: QWERX's technology is not limited to a specific internet provider, ensuring that it can secure an endpoint anywhere, including over satellite-based communication links.
  • Continuous Verification: QWERX’s patented authentication protocol uses rotating, ephemeral keys to ensure a secure environment. The innovative three-second refresh capability is a game-changer, providing unparalleled security for devices connected via Starlink and beyond.
  • Remote/Austere Operations: QWERX's solution opens doors for more secure operations under remote or austere circumstances, catering to low-resource, unmanned devices—even in space.
  • No Static Certificates: QWERX’s authentication protocol completely eliminates the use of vulnerable static certificates: no need for certificate lifecycle management, hardware, or physical infrastructure.

Commenting on this breakthrough, Greg Cullison, CEO/Co-Founder of QWERX, stated, "Our successful demonstration over the Starlink network showcases the true power and versatility of our technology. We are no longer bound by Earth; we are globally handshaking every three seconds, proving that QWERX can securely authenticate devices anywhere, on any network. This is a giant leap forward in the field of cybersecurity. Houston, you no longer have a problem."

QWERX is defining the future of device security, ensuring a safer and more connected planet.

Source: QWERX