Quorum Bio Labs Makes a Strong Entrance on Kickstarter by Achieving 100% Funding in Less Than 1 Hour for Its Skincare Product Lubi Ampoule

Quorum Bio Labs utilized its Solid-State Ion Fermentation Technology to extract the skin-beneficial nutrients from 'forbidden black rice bran' and convert it into an ampoule that has powerful absorption effects.

After a much-anticipated release, Quorum Bio Labs launched a Kickstarter campaign for its skincare product LuBi Ampoule. The company announced that LuBi Ampoule achieved its funding goal in under one hour. With backers originating from more than 10 different countries, Quorum Bio Labs is showing that there is a space for campaigns related to skincare on Kickstarter.

Up until now, skincare products have failed to make a grand statement on a major crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter. However, Quorum Bio Labs is now looking to make LuBi Ampoule the top crowdfunded skincare campaign on Kickstarter, with hopes of hitting a six-figure total pledge amount.

LuBi Ampoule's powerful effects mainly originate from its primary ingredient: forbidden black rice bran. The outer shell of black rice has been known to contain many nutrients that are highly beneficial for the skin. Quorum Bio Labs developed the "Solid-State Ion Fermentation Technology" to extract these nutrients and reduce the molecule size to nanoparticle levels in order to maximize LuBi Ampoule's absorption rate.

While other skincare products tend to be wasted due to their low absorption rates, LuBi Ampoule ensures that all of its skin beneficial nutrients will be absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin.  

Kickstarter exclusive prices for LuBi Ampoule start at $45 for the single pack and $80 for the double pack. Any influencers or journalists that are interested in receiving a sample are encouraged to send an inquiry through Quorum Bio Lab's Kickstarter page.

About Quorum Bio Labs:
Quorum Bio Labs is led by Dr. Jaehyun Sim (CEO) and Jun Sim (CTO) and is comprised of a team of advisors, researchers and sales directors.

Source: Quorum Bio Labs


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