"Quit Smoking Live Longer": The System That Weans Smoker's Body of Nicotine Needs

​The ability of a determined individual to stop smoking has never been easier or healthier than when using this new product. Quit Smoking Live Longer is a simple means by which even the heaviest smoker can wean themselves from nicotine, and successfully quit smoking. Requiring no nicotine substitutes, replacement therapies, or unpredictable medications, this method involves only an easily carried device which extinguishes a cigarette in seconds. Offered with an optional case for housing the device, a limited number of cigarettes and a lighter, the Quit Smoking Live Longer system holds enormous potential for quitting smoking by enabling users to take a drag (preferably without inhaling) when desired, then snuff out and house the cigarette.

The Quit Smoking Live Longer system is designed to wean the body of nicotine at whatever pace the smoker chooses. The tool is a machined steel cylinder measuring 1 inch in height and 5/8-inch in diameter with a 1/4-inch hole and 3/4-inch length drilled into the top of the cylinder. This tool is a cigarette-snuffer and is carried along with one, two, or more cigarettes and a cigarette lighter in a compact carrying case. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Quit Smoking Live Longer.

The Patent Pending Quit Smoking Live Longer was invented by Gilbert Rubio of San Bernardino, CA   who said, “When using my device, the smoker only carries one or two cigarettes in the case. The user will take a cigarette out of the case when feeling the urge to light up. After taking one puff, the snuffer (it is best not to inhale in order to expedite the quitting process) will extinguish the cigarette in two seconds. Just a bit of nicotine will assuage withdrawal pangs. Cutting down the body’s nicotine results in becoming a non- smoker. The Quit Smoking Live Longer system works.”
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