QuickBlox Revolutionizes CPaaS With Launch of AI SmartChat Assistant

The communications leader completes the consumer experience with on-the-go AI companions, taking the leg work out for developers with its no-code integration.

AI SmartChat Assistant

QuickBlox, a leading communication platform provider, is thrilled to announce the launch of AI SmartChat Assistant. This innovative feature promises to disrupt the CPaaS landscape by introducing cutting-edge, no-code-required chatbot integration. Developers using the QuickBlox Platform can effortlessly build and integrate versatile AI virtual assistants into their communication apps in a matter of minutes.

Customers have a lot of questions, and they want their answers yesterday. However, ensuring app users have access to the correct information when needed is a complex process for developers. Instead, software engineers using the QuickBlox Platform can readily integrate AI Assistants with company-owned resources such as websites and documents. Creating trainable, unique smart bots allows businesses to provide relevant, company-specific responses to user queries. And, of course, the platform also offers seamless integration with external AI sources such as OpenAI.

AI SmartChat Assistants are set to redefine the way businesses engage with their customers, empowering them to offer dynamic and highly personalized user experiences. Their versatility and customization options give businesses the ability to create unique chatbots that match their brand identity, tone, and style.

QuickBlox has been dedicated to making AI integration accessible for developers. Its SmartChat Assistant closely follows their recent release of AI Extensions, a suite of AI features designed to elevate ordinary chat applications: AI Answer Assist provides contextually relevant responses to user queries; AI Rephrase amends chat messages with a desired tone such as formal, conversational, or empathetic; AI Translate offers real-time language translation; AI Transcribe facilitates speech-to-text transcription; and AI Summarize produces succinct summaries of lengthy chat histories. 

“Our team's passion for innovation, coupled with the transformative potential of generative AI, drives us to create communication solutions that have a lasting impact. We're excited to contribute to the ongoing evolution of real-time communication and empower our users to engage, collaborate, and thrive in a rapidly changing world,” said Nate MacLeitch, CEO of QuickBlox. “With intuitive, efficient, and inclusive AI features, we aim to break down barriers, transcend language differences, and elevate user experiences across industries,” he added.

QuickBlox's next steps will involve expanding AI functionality to help solve communication bottlenecks by working closely with its customers and gathering user feedback to continuously improve AI integrations. 

SmartChat Assistant has been integrated into the QuickBlox backend platform and will also be available as a plug-in widget. AI Extensions are offered as standalone AI libraries or enabled within the QuickBlox UI Kits. Both AI solutions will also be available as part of QuickBlox’s white-label video-calling solution, Q-Consultation, offered as open-source code. Customers can access these features by visiting www.quickblox.com and signing up for QuickBlox services.

Source: QuickBlox