QuickBlox Enhances Video Consultations With OpenAI Integration

Leading communication platform provider leverages OpenAI's advanced AI language model to elevate user experience in remote healthcare, education, and financial services.


QuickBlox, a cloud-based communication platform as a service (CPaaS) provider, announces the integration of OpenAI with its new video consultation service, Q-Consultation Lite. By providing healthcare professionals, financial advisors, and HR recruiters with advanced AI features and functionalities, these companies can enrich virtual communications, improving support accessibility and client interactions. 

Together with Q-Consultation Lite's high-quality, secure video, instant messaging, and virtual waiting rooms, the integration streamlines the consultation process, addressing the need for efficient, accurate, and personalized virtual support. Doctors and teachers alike can now access ChatGPT's advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques to digest user queries, understand context, and offer real-time assistance during video consultations. 

While its smart search features assist clients in selecting the best specialist for their needs, its automatic summaries generate action points from video recordings in real time, helping professionals provide quick but detailed responses to client questions.

The shift towards remote work and the increasing demand for telehealth services means QuickBlox's latest feature is well sought-after. In 2023, 68% of employees worldwide expected to work from home at least two days a week. Whether it's a virtual team meeting or a private medical appointment, the tool ensures critical written and vocal information is always safely kept for authorized users.

Thanks to the integration with OpenAI, which makes it possible to add real-time translation, moderation, intelligent recommendations, action-point generation, and transcription, companies can break down language barriers and provide smooth and practical consultation experiences. For example, it may become increasingly unnecessary for translators to attend medical appointments. Moreover, the Q-Consultation Lite app is open-source code, making the building of customizable AI-powered communication tools possible for a global community.

"This integration represents a significant leap forward in our mission to enrich remote communication and empower developers to build real-time communication solutions with advanced AI capabilities," said QuickBlox CEO, Nate MacLeitch.

"By leveraging ChatGPT's cutting-edge NLP, we believe Q-Consultation will not only enhance the user experience but also break barriers, improve accessibility, and unlock new possibilities for collaboration and knowledge exchange."

Q-Consultation Lite's ChatGPT functionality is available from June 20 and is free to use. Developers can easily access the QuickBlox Github repository or sign up for more information. 



QuickBlox is a cloud-based communication platform enabling businesses to create real-time communication apps efficiently. With pre-built SDKs and APIs for chat and video calling, ready solutions, and cross-platform compatibility (supporting iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, and the Web), QuickBlox helps businesses succeed in delivering user experiences comparable to the likes of WhatsApp and Zoom.

Source: QuickBlox