"Quick Charge": A Specially Designed Case for Cellular Phones With a Built-in Recharging Adapter Plug

Invents unveils "Quick Charge" which is a more convenient means of keeping phones charged while on the go.

​According to the Internet there are more than 270 million cell phone subscribers just in the United States and that number increases exponentially globally. Keeping these devices charged and working as desired can be a difficult job. Not so if using the Quick Charge. The Quick Charge is a specially designed case for cellular phones that incorporates a built-in recharging adapter plug. The design intent of Quick Charge is to provide consumers with a more convenient means of keeping their phone charged while on the go.
The Quick Charge is rectangular and constructed of a durable hard plastic material with a non-slip rubbery texture. The bottom of the case has a USB cord built into it that can be plugged into a computer, a 12 volt car charger or a 120 volt outlet adaptor.  Overall the cord protrudes a small amount and acts as a bumper in case the phone is dropped. The cord will unwrap so the case can be opened in order to slide the phone in or out. Quick Charge will work for other electronic devices as well. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Quick Charge.
The Patent Pending Quick Charge was invented by Joseph Mellen and Maria Mellen of Elmont, NY who said, “Owners of Quick Charge will never be without power for their cellphone nor will they have to carry around an extra charger. Technology it swiftly moving forward and the ability to power electronic devices is moving with it.”

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