Question-Answer Website Deep Japan Launches in Tokyo; New Tool for Vacationers Who Plan to Travel Japan

Brand new online resource "Deep Japan" provides truly local feel to visitors traveling Japan.

Japan fans around the world now have a brand new information resource - Deep Japan - that taps the local knowledge of long-term international residents and English-able Japanese. Hatched among friends during a casual dinner of braised yakitori chicken and chilled "Nama" (fresh from the tap) mugs of beer, the idea for this Japan travel resource struck the imagination of over 100 long term "Senpai." The community of long-term residents the site terms "Senpai," the word used in reference to someone a bit older and more experienced, hail from countries including the U.S., Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, India, New Zealand, Australia, Ghana, Hong Kong, Canada, and of course, various parts of Japan. During the month before the August launch, the site accrued over 650 advice posts on everything from where to find a foreign currency friendly ATM or tips on how to order delicious ramen noodles.

"We wanted this to be a site that allowed more visitors to Japan into the typical living style of regular, fun-loving residents. So, maybe you have a free day between business meetings in Tokyo and want some local tips on how one of us might spend that time? Well, this site aims to provide that type of information," says Mitsuyoshi Daijo, head of the Deep Japan new business project and CEO of Deep Japan founding firm, Zeroin Inc.

Deep Japan brings visitors further into the "real Japan" by providing detailed hints and tips to have on hand.
Japan, with its clean high tech transportation system, world-renowned safety level, delicious cuisine and cultured, civilized people, is a prime destination for travelers seeking a unique vacation filled with beautiful countryside, ocean vistas and cutting edge cityscapes. An English-speaking visitors' single most obvious concern would be the inability to "experience" off-the-beaten-track Japan due to language barriers. Deep Japan hopes to lower these barriers and make all of Japan more accessible even to its first time guests.

Deep Japan is the perfect supplement to current Japan guides, tourist websites and resources.
"Obviously, Japanese people love Japan. At the same time, internationals who have settled here also see the intricate, fun, inspiring and sometimes crazy side of Japan on a daily basis because we know the ropes, can converse in Japanese, and over the years, have become accustomed to the manners and idiosyncrasies that make this country amazing," states Ruth Jarman Shiraishi, 25 year Japan resident and one of Deep Japan's founding members. "There are so many excellent guide sites and books about Japan but we hope our personal, fresh and truly local information can deepen the flavor of a Japan experience," she adds.

Deep Japan is structured as "Themes" or questions and "Advice" or answers, and the information covers "How To", "Knowledge" and "Recommend". New themes in 8 different active categories (Eat & Drink, Visit, Play, Buy, Stay, Move, Learn, Just in Case) are sent to the Senpai group every week and Senpai then answer any theme they prefer based on personal experience.

An example of a recent theme posted by the DJ team is "What are the Manners I should Follow at a Karaoke Box?" and advice posted by Senpai include how to be conscientious and how to handle song selection while enjoying Karaoke in Japan. As Karaoke becomes popular around the world, it is nice to know how it's done in Japan right? That is exactly the purpose of , to bring the "local" of Japan directly to the world.

"We don't ask our Senpai community to research or somehow 'justify' their comments. We simply ask for positive, friendly advice about how to act, where to go and what to do to enjoy an adventure in this intriguing place. Exactly how your best friend living overseas would welcome you with tips and advice on how to make the most of your stay," adds Mr. Daijo.

With a veritably unlimited supply of knowledge from a select and capable Senpai network and a fountain of questions produced specifically for visitors by the DJ team, Deep Japan presents a controlled yet inexhaustible resource about and from Japan to the world.

Contact info:
Zeroin Inc., Deep Japan Project, Ms. Yuko Tanaka inquiry(at)deepjapan(dot)org

Learn how Deep Japan can add spice to your visit:

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