Qubyx Announces The Launch Of The Front-Sensor Module - MicroEye

Adding QUBYX Front Sensor to displays provides continuous color and luminance measurements and corrections of the display performance if necessary.

QUBYX Software Technologies, the developer of display calibration and quality assurance software solutions, has announced the launch of the QUBYX Front-Sensor module, a colorimeter and luminance meter for displays. Compact, extremely accurate and easily integrated device will keep color and brightness stable for the life of a display.

Despite of being factory calibrated, displays tend to change over time, which influences the accuracy of the image reproduction. When color and luminance reproduction counts, like in the medical imaging industry, calibration becomes even more critical. External measuring devices are not the best option, as these need to be handled manually.

That is why QUBYX has developed a small form factor colorimeter that can be effortlessly integrated into any display or projector. The sensor constantly monitors and adjusts brightness and color to maintain a perfect picture.

Ensuring full support of QUBYX software, the front sensor can calibrate the display to the needs of medical, defence, prepress, creative and other industries. In addition, the sensor auto-calibrates the display in the background, without interrupting the workflow.

“Due to our individual approach to each manufacturer and attention to his specific requirements, the embedded sensor works seamlessly with any display providing continuous image quality at all times.” - says Marc Leppla, director of QUBYX. “If you want to add more value to your product, we believe that we have an ideal solution for you.”


QUBYX is a manufacturer developing highly accurate and easy-to-use products for medical imaging, design, photography, prepress and other industries relying on image quality.

For additional information, check out our brochure for QUBYX Front Sensor on http://www.qubyx.com/images/brochure/qubyx_front_sensor.pdf