Qubyx PressProof 3.1 - a Comprehensive Calibration And Profiling Tool Released!

Qubyx Software Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce a new update of its calibration and profiling software for for imaging, prepress or photo pros - PressProof.

QUBYX Software Technologies Inc., the developer of display calibration and quality assurance software along with color management solutions for ICC profiling, released PressProof 3.1. The updated PressProof is a new level of color accuracy to address the needs of digital imaging workflows. It features a number of color management capabilities enabling users to achieve true colors on each of the devices like displays, printers and digital cameras.

“We are very excited about this release. We have collected several of the top feature requests from our beta testers and incorporated them into version 3.1.” - says Mr. Marc Leppla, Director of Qubyx.  “There is no need to speak a lot about this. Just try it and see the great result.”

Key features:

  • All-in-one software: display, projector, camera and printer profiling

  • RGB, CMYK and monochrome printer profiling

  • Generation of version 4 and version 2 ICC profiles

  • Color calibration to international standards including BT.709, BT.1886, CIE, and a quality assurance test to ISO 12646 standard

  • Remote management

  • Compatible with nearly any display, graphic controller and measuring device

  • Ideal for inkjets, laser printers, digital photo printers, and other

  • Flexible licensing; buy a license specifically tailored to your needs: a full license or a license covering only camera/printer/display

  • Compatible with the latest versions of Windows and MacOS, including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista; and MacOS X from 10.6.x

As of June 12, 2015: New PressProof version 3.1 highlights:

  • Enhanced Display ICC Profiling

  • Printer Conformance feature for CMYK printers added

  • Profile v2.1 support added for camera, printer and display

  • Improved Measure Color tool

  • Improved help notes

  • Many other features (and bugfixes) are listed in the full release notes.

PressProof 3.1 also has a demo mode which allows users to evaluate the interface as well as the main functionalities of PressProof.

Upgrading from Earlier Releases

Also, this release is available as a free upgrade and there is no additional fee. Simply go to qubyx.com site, download the new version and install it. You won’t need to apply for a new license.

About Qubyx

Qubyx develops advanced turnkey software solutions used in a number of industries, relying on image quality. With our powerful, easy to handle and cost-saving tools you can always be certain that your devices reproduce colors accurately.

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