Quantumem Theater Presentation at Flash Memory Summit 2019

Storage Solution for Next Generation Data Centers

Quantumem CPO Donnie Dong presents 'Storage Solution for Next Generation Data Centers' together with guest speaker from Intel

Quantumem Technologies had a prominent presence at Flash Memory Summit 2019. As one of the FMS 2019 sponsors, Quantumem had a theater presentation on the topic of “Storage Solution for Next-Generation Data Centers.” Intel was invited as the Quantumem guest speaker to address E1.L SSD storage.

Quantumem’s “LightHeart” flash storage is an ASIC-based NVMe Over Fabric (NVMe-oF™) FBOF over Ethernet for Enterprise Datacenter SSD Form Factor (EDSFF). With a unique and innovative design for next-generation data centers, this high performing storage design can achieve over 16 million IOPS (4 KB random read), 66 GB/s throughput (128 KB sequential read).

LightHeart is born with a super-high density design, reaching nearly 1PB of data storage in a 1U rack space if using 30.72TB E1.L Intel® SSDs.  

E1.L is purpose-built form factor optimized for disaggregated systems and optimized for 1U rack space. Scalable, thermally efficient, and dense, E1.L is a building block for high-volume storage. E1.L allows high storage density, scalability, serviceability, and efficient cooling optimized for 1U storage. Quantumem “LightHeart” flash storage enables the flexibility and scalability of next-generation data center infrastructure deployment. It will help enable EDSFF adoption with cost-effective, high-density and power savings for cloud and enterprise data centers.

“Current generation of data centers are facing some major storage challenges, such as power saving to go green, deliver required storage performance, ability to scale capacity to support data and application growth, drive down the cost of storage while increasing storage agility, and achieve lower latency for real-time processing and coming 5G application. We have achieved a new milestone towards building future data center platforms and green power-saving data centers, to solve these major issues,” said Donnie Dong, Quantumem Technologies Co-founder and CPO. “Intel is one of the leaders to change the future of storage. It is a great pleasure to have Intel as our guest speaker at the theater presentation.”

At booth #942, Quantumem has live demonstrations, including a break-through NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF™) based storage enclosure showing both best-in-class performance and a super-high density solution.

About Quantumem

Quantumem Technologies is a privately held startup located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Quantumem took on the challenges of AI and real-time processing, green power-saving data center and future data center requirements. The result: Quantumem is building next-generation solution for power saving, scalability, growing capacity, and performance challenges facing data center today.


Donnie Dong, Quantumem Technologies, +1-604-423-2838  info@quantumem.com


Source: Quantumem Technologies

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