Qstomize.com Reports Sales of More Than 100,000 Sequin Pillows Over 2018 Holiday Season

Sequin pillow

Lewes, DE-based Qstomize.com has reported having sold more than 100,000 sequin pillows over the 2018 holiday season. Qstomize attributes this success to the sequin trend that was hot in 2018 and the surprise element of sequin pillows making them a very special gift. While many customers looking to purchase sequin pillows came from the United States, nearly half came from customers outside the United States including Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and many countries in Europe.

Sequin pillows are pillows with unique sequin material that allows the color, image, or text of the printed on sequin to change between 2 different colors, images, or texts. They can be used to reveal a secret message, a funny phrase, or even be used as a game. Sequin pillows can be either double-sided, meaning two images or texts that switch between each other, or one image or text with the other side being a solid color. Solid color options available at Qstomize include red, black, green, blue, gold, rose gold, and silver.

Some of Qstomize’s top clients include Google, Facebook, Amazon, HP, Fox, and many more.

Qstomize now offers custom sequin pillows that can be made heart-shaped, full printed, and now custom sequin pillows with the insert already included inside.

Source: Qstomize.com

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