Custom Fidget Spinners - the Best Promotional Item in Years

Custom Fidget Spinner

​Fidget Widgets, the online leader in custom fidget spinners, announces over 100,000 custom fidget spinners sold in July 2017.  This is a 300% increase from their June 2017 sales of approximately 32,500 spinners sold.  

Jonathan Pit, Head of Customer Service at Fidget Widgets, credits this success to a combination of the never dying trend of fidget spinners and July and August being prime months for bulk orders for promotional items.  With many companies having their industry conventions right before Q4, companies presenting at conferences looking for the perfect giveaway have chosen to make custom fidget spinners as their preferred giveaway.  "They are super lightweight, easy to pack, easy to carry, and are very memorable," said Mr. Pit.  "We already have received reorders from about half of the businesses we sold to due to the immense popularity of the fidget spinners and how quickly businesses have sold out due to huge customer demand.  Orders of 1,000 spinners were gone in less than a few hours.  We are thrilled with the results!"  

Customers love our quality fidget spinners and the ability to design the full spinner. This allows for a lot of creativity and customers continue coming back to make more!

Jonathan Pit, Head of Customer Service

In addition to businesses, Fidget Widgets claims several school systems as some of their clients.  "Schools love them.  They keep kids focused and they keep them in their backpack.  It's a great way to brand the school logo."  School systems and big colleges like Duke University, University of Iowa, and Bradley University have all used Fidget Widgets to make custom fidget spinners.  

About 70% of custom fidget spinner sales are from individuals looking to make custom fidget spinners for birthdays, as a gift, and just for fun personal use.  "People have made every type of fidget spinner you can think of!  There are fidget spinners that are real works of art.  We are impressed by our customers' creative abilities."  

When asked what makes Fidget Widgets customer fidget spinners unique Mr. PIt claimed it's due to quality products, no minimum order, and the ability to design multiple types of spinners. Fidget Widgets allows anyone to design the fidget spinner in 4 different variations: just on the fidget spinner cap, the whole fidget spinner, the whole fidget spinner with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights, and design just on the bearings of the fidget spinner.  Spinners can be delivered in as few as 3 days and free shipping is offered worldwide.   

When asked what are the plans for Q4 2017, Mr. Pit was quoted as saying Fidget Widgets want to focus on large deals with brands and introduce new fidget toys that have never been introduced in the market.  

Fidget Widgets claims Warner Music, Deloitte, Credo Mobile and T-Mobile as some of their key corporate partners.  The company claims to be on track to reach over 1,500 corporate partners by the end of 2017.  

Source: Fidget Widgets

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