PYRA Promotions' Scott and Jenell Harris Launch Charity Fundraising Nonprofit 501cTees

Jenell and Scott Harris

Scott and Jenell Harris, co-owners of PYRA Promotions/Eleven30Apparel, have a simple rule for
their businesses, a win-win perspective. When their partners win, they win.  Jenell and Scott have been creating businesses with a cause since 2001 and they have now created their newest venture in the non-profit industry. 501cTees is a platform that is unique to the many charities they help and support. This new platform can help charities continue to fundraise efficiently without having to do a thing.

"Nothing makes us more proud and happier than supporting causes in our community and beyond. The more money we can help them raise is what excites us each day that we get up every morning and come to work," said Jenell Harris. 

The platform they already built for schools and hospitals to fundraise through will be carried over to the non-profit side through 501cTees. Scott and Jenell Harris' other ventures include PYRA Promotions and Eleven30Apparel. PYRA Promotions has been producing high-quality promotional products and apparel since 2001. PYRA has been curating the newest and most impactful promotional products to promote and elevate branded merchandise through employees and customers. The company utilizes an innovative, streamlined concierge online platform to make it simple for employees; convenient ordering, quote-retrieval processes, fundraising capabilities and incentive programs delivered with a white-glove personal touch. Scott and Jenell drive the success of PYRA because they don't simply print orders, they take the time to ensure their partners succeed, no matter the costs.

In 2019, the Harris power couple built and kicked into high gear Eleven30Apparel, a company that helps with specializing in creating easy online fundraisers for schools, hospitals, and charities. Jenell and Scott wanted to give back more, which is exactly what they did. With five kids between them, going through Palm Beach County public school systems, they saw the need for teachers in the area and their tireless efforts and how they often do not get reimbursed for their efforts. From there, Tags4Teachers, which is Eleven30Apparel's non-profit sector was born. Tags4Teachers works directly with schools and educators by providing spirit gear, uniforms and t-shirts through a partnership with Tags4Teachers is helping educators achieve their goals as not only teachers but as intrinsic members of their communities. Fundraising for their partners is the ultimate passion for Scott and Jenell. Whether it's a school that needs a playground, a hospital that's donating funds for a cause, providing a custom web campaign for a foundation or sending bags to 830 kids in Africa for a new school opportunity, the wins are what keep them going.

For more information about PYRA Promotions, Eleven30Apparel and 501cTees, you can visit,, (coming soon).

Source: PYRA Promotions