"Purse Chain": Provides Consumers With a Means of Securing Their Purse and Preventing Theft

Invents introduces the "Purse Chain" which provides security and is both fashionable and functional for both genders.

​Theft of personal items is not only distressing, it is time consuming and costly for the individual having a handbag or other item stolen.The Purse Chain is a decorative chain that secures a purse, handbag or similar carryall to the person or an object such as a shopping cart, table or chair. The Purse Chain will also secure the zipper of the purse closed. The design intent is to provide consumers with a practical means of easily securing their purse or carryall and prevent theft of these accessories, as well as items that may be stored within. The Purse Chain is comprised of the chain itself, on either end of which decorative charms and durable fasteners are attached.

The user would secure the end of the chain featuring the decorative charm about their purse strap, looping it around the strap and anchoring the interlocking lobster clasp fastener to the strap and the zipper closure respectively, thus securing the zipper closed while also anchoring the unit to the purse. The user would then secure the fastener located at the opposite end of the chain to the person or another object. In this manner, the purse would be both securely fastened closed, as well as tethered to a person or object, thereby preventing a thief from accessing the purse's contents or snatching the purse outright. The same unit can be used for a briefcase or smaller items such as an e-reader, tablet, etc. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Purse Chain.
The Patent Pending Purse Chain was invented by Yolanda Felix of Ontario, CA who said, “The Purse Chain gives users peace of mind sparing him or her the emotional and financial distress associated with a stolen purse. Not limited to purses, this unique accessory could be applied to gym bags, travel bags, briefcases, laptop bags and a plethora of other carryalls. As such, The Purse Chain appeals to female and male alike.”

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