PureWay® Compliance Partners With Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to Bring Safe and Environmentally Friendly Disposal to Patients At-Home

PureWay® launches safe and environmentally friendly medical waste solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers.

Each year, approximately 9 million patients receive at least 3 billion injections outside of healthcare facilities.  These medications are used to manage a variety of health conditions including diabetes, allergies, arthritis, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, infertility, sclerosis, osteoporosis, and more. 

Recent regulations, including California Senate Bill 212, have highlighted the lack of year-round safe containment and disposal options for patients at-home. This challenge has motivated pharmaceutical manufacturers, and medical device manufacturers to improve the patient experience and use PureWay's safe, secure and eco-friendly programs to proactively manage the collection and recycling of injectables at home. 

PureWay® has partnered with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device manufacturers including Novo Nordisk and Ultimed Inc. to provide safe collection, transportation, disposal, and recycling options for patients who self-inject or self-test using needles at home. 

Together, our efforts have supplied more than 200,000 units to patients who otherwise would be limited to Drug Take Back days or even discard these items in the regular trash.

PureWay® is an innovative and leading provider of at-home sharps mail-back systems, which safely collect, contain, disinfect, and recycle medical waste. This year marks a major milestone for PureWay with over 200,000 patients served and the successful launch of our eco-friendly disposal solution which reduces volume, separates recyclable materials, and recycles up to 85% of recyclable materials.

PureWay co-founder Jeffery Miglicco states, "This is a great step forward for both patients - who have been asking for safer and more environmentally responsible solutions - as well as our partners pursuing ambitious ESG initiatives."

About PureWay®: PureWay® is a nationwide provider of regulated waste (medical, pharmaceutical, hazardous) disposal and manufacturer of sharps mail-back solutions. For more information about PureWay visit PureWay.com 

Source: PureWay® Compliance, Inc.