Purchase Power is Back in the Hands of Independent Pharmacies

Members Standing Together in Fighting Price Hikes

A wave is coming, but it's not blue or red. It’s an upsurge of independent pharmacies standing together as members of DermSource fighting price hikes that threaten the future of their businesses and improved healthcare outcomes for their patients.

On Cyber Monday (November 26) DermSource will launch as one of the first specialty GPO’s (Group Purchasing Organization) focusing on a burgeoning market – dermatology. The past ten years have identified the field of dermatology as one of the fastest growing healthcare markets in the country. Treating patients of all ages suffering from acne, eczema, chronic skin conditions such as Psoriasis, and life-threatening disorders such as skin cancer, the pharmaceutical medications used to treat these conditions are very costly. These high prices on the front end translates back to the consumer with high copays and deductibles, resulting in prescription abandonment at the pharmacy and ultimately, medication non-compliance.

DermSource, a membership-based group, has emerged with an interest in putting purchase power back in the hands of the marginalized middle market pharmacy for improved profitability and value-added service to its customers. Working with accredited wholesalers and distributors nationwide, DermSource negotiates on behalf of the pharmacy for competitive prices, availability of sought-after dermatology products, and the guarantee of a fair and transparent deal, all while retaining a profit margin of no more than 3%. Better yet, membership is free to pharmacies in all 50 states.

Yuriy Davydov is the Founder and CEO of DermSource, whose core values of truth and transparency resemble a group he supports and admires – PUTT (Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency.) In step with PUTT, Yuriy has stated, “I am dedicated to keeping independent pharmacies in business and providing patients with access to the care they require.” He added, “Full transparency and fair play is what the healthcare system desperately needs, and DermSource is dedicated to deliver just that. Anyone can blame and point fingers – we’re here to shift the responsibility and take action.” 

On October 7-9, you can meet Yuriy and his team at the 2018 NCPA Annual Exhibition in Boston, Massachusetts, at the Hynes Convention Center, Booth 1031. Pharmacies from across the nation will have the opportunity to sign-up and become a member of DermSource free of charge. Approved members can begin purchasing pharmaceutical dermatology products on Cyber Monday, at substantially discounted prices.

Contact: Bahrum Siddiqui, (833) 476-3376, info@DermSource.com

About DermSource
Full transparency and truth in pricing are the core values of DermSource, the dermatology GPO serving pharmacies across the nation with a purchasing platform for discounted dermatology products. Working with accredited wholesalers and distributors, DermSource negotiates on behalf of the pharmacy for competitive pricing. As a progressive organization, DermSource is armed with a mission to help improve the healthcare industry and recognizes that helping independent pharmacies, helps the consumer receive treatment, delivering improved healthcare outcomes. Sign up early and start purchasing on Cyber Monday. Visit www.DermSource.com #TruthinPricing

Source: DermSource

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