PURAURA Naturals Survey Results Bode Well for CBD Industry

Older Americans are excited about potential benefits of CBD

PURAURA Naturals

PURAURA Naturals, a Green Rock Hemp Holdings and Enhanced Botanicals brand, has released the results of a comprehensive consumer survey conducted earlier this year, and the findings bode well for the future of the CBD industry.  

PURAURA Naturals offered a free one-month product supply to customers who completed an extensive lifestyle questionnaire, which helped customers identify the product most suited to their unique needs. More than 5,500 participants completed the survey, which asked consumers general questions about their stress levels, mood, sleep habits, and overall wellness.

The responses were revealing. A significant majority of consumers use CBD to relieve sleep issues and physical discomforts. However, these issues were really the manifestations of underlying daily stress and anxiety. A surprising finding was that CBD products are appealing to older Americans, many of whom are curious about CBD and are excited about its potential benefits. The survey found that the vast majority of respondents had not yet tried CBD, while a smaller percentage had tried CBD and found it to be helpful. Almost evenly across the board, respondents wanted help managing their mood, stress, discomfort and sleep. The greatest anomaly was that although a significant number of respondents stated they suffered from a skin condition, very few considered CBD topicals as an avenue for relief. 

"We are passionate about raising awareness about CBD and how it can genuinely enhance lives," explained Joseph Cachey, CEO Green Rock Hemp Holdings, the parent company of Enhanced Botanicals. "The PURAURA Naturals survey results bode well for Enhanced Botanicals and the industry. Consumers across all age groups are interested in CBD's homeopathic capabilities, but its potential benefits are particularly resonating with those aged 45 and older."

"For too long CBD products have been developed on gut instinct and anecdotal evidence," stated Edward Roche, Co-founder and President of Enhanced Botanicals. "Our goal is to be a data-driven company, offering the CBD consumer products that meet actual needs in the form most acceptable to the customer. Surveys like these provide us with detailed insight into which potential customers and what potential products will comprise the future CBD marketplace."

Enhanced Botanicals brands include Green Care Medical, a line of proprietary CBD tinctures and topicals formulated by clinicians, and PURAURA Naturals, which offers tinctures, gummies, topicals, and capsules, crafted with the highest quality, care, and transparency. To learn more about Green Rock Hemp Holdings or PUARAURA Naturals, please visit our website or call (435) 673-4125.

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Source: Green Rock Hemp Holdings