Introducing the Center for Scientific Cannabinoid Information

Non-profit aims to cut through the confusion about cannabinoids


The Center for Scientific Cannabinoid Information (CSCI), is a new,  non-profit organization focused on providing current, research-based information on cannabinoids. The organization serves as a critical resource for healthcare professionals, psychologists, athletic trainers, wellness coaches, and other professionals who are looking for credible, up-to-date information regarding the safety and efficacy of CBD and other cannabinoids.

"As a physician and practitioner working with cannabinoids, I've heard from many other practitioners who have been searching for reliable, evidence-based information on cannabinoids, and realized there was a void," stated Dr. Steven Salzman, who serves as Chief Medical Officer on the CSCI Advisory Board. "The CSCI fills this void by serving as a valuable resource where practitioners can access accurate, up-to-date information on CBD and other cannabinoids to help them gain a better understanding of this emerging field."

"There is a great deal of confusion and misinformation about CBD and other cannabinoids," added CSCI Advisory Board Chairperson Margaret Roche, who is a nationally recognized registered dietitian. "Our goal is to help practitioners cut through the confusion by providing evidence-based information that helps support their clients' overall health and wellness fitness needs." 

The CSCI compiles the latest research and clinical best practices on CBD and other cannabinoids and shares this information with its community of practitioners through blogs, research briefs, best practices, and infographics on its website, which members can download and share. The organization is led by a highly-credentialed advisory board with vast experience in the health, wellness, and cannabinoid industry, including board-certified medical doctors, researchers, pharmacists, lawyers, and other knowledgeable professionals. They created the CSCI to ensure that healthcare and wellness professionals have access to current, reliable information about the effectiveness, safety, best practices, and legalities of cannabinoids. 

The CSCI invites interested individuals to explore their website and join their community to receive the most up-to-date and reliable information on cannabinoid research and best practices and increase their understanding of their role in health and wellness including enhancing athletic performance, sleep, mood, and more. For more information contact:

The Center for Scientific Cannabinoid Information (CSCI), is a leading source for research-based, scientific information on cannabinoids. The non-profit organization supports knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration among health and wellness practitioners who use cannabinoids in their evidence-based practices. 

Source: CSCI