PURAURA Naturals Launches Innovative Business Model

Consumers can experience the benefits of CBD free of charge

Puraura Naturals

Fulfilling its commitment to revolutionize the CBD industry through transparency, integrity, and community, PURAURA Naturals, an Enhanced Botanicals brand, has launched an innovative business model, offering a product (equal to a one-month supply) free to customers who complete a CBD lifestyle questionnaire. 

"At PURAURA, we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers," stated Edward Roche, company co-founder and vice president. "The best way for consumers to determine if CBD works for them is to try it first, so we allow our customers to try our products absolutely free - no strings attached."

After completing the questionnaire that helps identify the product most suited to their unique needs, customers receive their initial product free, with the option to continue receiving future supplies via a monthly subscription. "We're confident that once people experience our products, PURAURA will become their brand of choice," Roche added.

PURAURA products, including tinctures, gummies, topicals, and capsules, are crafted with the highest quality, care, and transparency by combining a simple respect for nature with the most updated technology available. The products are currently being introduced in China. "CBD has tremendous potential in the China market, and we are excited to give consumers an opportunity to try it at no cost," stated Jake Fisch, Chief Executive Officer of Acorn International, a sister company to Green Rock Hemp Holdings. As a direct marketing leader in China, Acorn International will support the product launch. 

"We are passionate about raising awareness about CBD and how it can genuinely enhance lives," explained Joseph Cachey, Chief Executive Office of Green Rock Hemp Holdings, the parent company of Enhanced Botanicals. "Many consumers are genuinely curious about CBD, but don't know where to turn, so this approach allows them to experience the benefits of CBD at no initial cost and join our community of CBD enthusiasts."

For more information, or to complete the lifestyle questionnaire and receive your free product, visit https://shop.puraura-naturals.com/free-a.

Source: Enhanced Botanicals, LLC