Pumpic Broadens Compatibility of Its Control Panel App for Android

Pumpic has updated compatibility of the recently launched Control Panel App available free on Google Play. Now the app supports Android tablets and large screen smartphones. The user interface has been improved for better convenience too.

Last month Pumpic introduced the Control Panel App for Android available free on Google Play. That laid the foundation for further improvements of the company’s services. The Pumpic team analyzed user experience and comments that they received during the winter holidays; as a result, the Control Panel App has been updated to bring it in line with customer requirements.

The application is now compatible with the majority of Android devices, both smartphones and tablets. According to Statista.com, 20% of the U.S. population use tablets. At the same time, more and more users are starting to use large-screen smartphones, known as phablets. Statista.com forecasts phablet shipments to increase by 53% in 2016 compared to 2015. Pumpic has been improved to support these devices.

The Pumpic team has refined the user interface to let people who have never tried our services learn more about our parental control features and prices.

Alex Stevenson, PR Manager

The Pumpic team has also fixed some minor Control Panel App interface issues. Meanwhile, a set of new features for a better user experience has been added, including some background information for unsigned users about features and opportunities of the app.

“We started receiving comments on the new app the day after we uploaded it to Google Play. This helped our developers to focus on the main tasks for new improvements. Some customers thought they had downloaded a monitoring app, not a Control Panel dashboard, so we have refined the user interface to let people who have never tried our services learn more about our parental control features, prices, and the Control Panel app itself,” explained Alex Stevenson, Pumpic’s spokesman.

The Control Panel App is designed as an addition to the browser version of Pumpic’s Control Panel. The application allows parents to keep track of call logs and contact lists, view text messages that their children send and receive, follow their whereabouts, check online activities, and manipulate the target device remotely (reboot and lock). All from within a separate mobile app.

The application is compatible with Android devices version 4.0 and newer, and can be downloaded free from Google Play. Note that to use the Control Panel app, you need an activated subscription assigned to the target device.

Get Pumpic Control Panel App on Google Play: https://goo.gl/p45Dqu

About Pumpic

Pumpic is a group of enthusiastic IT specialists formed in 2012. Its leading product is a parental control mobile application, which provides parents the ability to monitor and control kids’ devices, and thus, protect them. Pumpic secures your children by allowing you to monitor their calls and text messages, tracking location and geo-fences, controlling online activities and applications. The company offers comprehensive customer support and has an extensive network of international online partners. For more information, please visit pumpic.com.