Pulsar360, Inc. Launch of New & Improved Website

Pulsar360 launches new website & partners with Atomic8Ball for roll out.

Pulsar360, Inc.

Pulsar360, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of their newest website, and has contracted Atomic8Ball to assist the re-design and roll-out. The focus of the website is first and foremost putting customers first by giving their website, www.Pulsar360.com, a makeover.   Pulsar360, Inc.  is already known for their customer service and client satisfaction that is why customers like the state of Connecticut have sought out their services.

The new Pulsar360, Inc. website continues to maintain its mobile friendly and responsiveness with high levels of integration for ease of use for their customers and partners. Though many changes are being implemented much is remaining the same.  Visitors to the website will still be able to find all the various services that are offered, Premise Based PBX and P360 Fax for example. In addition, there is now a Resources section where Partners can find many useful tools such as the VOIP Speed Test.

“We are extremely proud to be working with Atomic8Ball on the new launch of our website,” stated Robert Harrison, Jr., Chief Channel Officer at Pulsar360, Inc., “They are a fantastic partner in the world of website design, content management and most importantly search engine optimization. We are thrilled to be partnering with them on this new website launch and are excited for our customers and partners as we unveil this new website.”

"We are ecstatic to be working with a company of the caliber of Pulsar360. We look forward to growing their web presence with our SEO and Social Media Marketing services.  It is a relationship that will be truly meaningful for both organizations for years to come," stated Brian Chupp, Vice President of Operations at Atomic8Ball.

Through the website clients and customers will have access to many tools, tools provided by partners like Zendesk. Contacting both sales and support staff is being made easier than ever with one click icons on the side of the screen. Through the partner portal, partners of Pulsar360, Inc. will be able to log into manage their accounts and receive personalized assistance based entirely on their needs. Similar assistance is given to those who utilize the support portal as well. Registering to use the portals is easy and quick. If visitors have already been emailing Pulsar360 staff then they are already registered. Otherwise visitors can choose to register or sign in with Google.

About Pulsar360, Inc.

Pulsar360, Inc. is a North American based Telecommunications Provider with roots going back to 2001, and its Executive Team & staff has over 210 years of combined experience. Pulsar360, Inc. offers Hosted Cloud PBX & Premised based systems, SIP Trunks, BCDR & Carrier Services. All of which are aided by Business Continuity Disaster Recovery for both the "dial tone" and telephone systems in case of an outage. Current customers include State of Connecticut and numerous national call centers. For more information, go to http://Pulsar360.com

Pulsar360, Inc. Contact:

Bob Harrison
Chief Channel Officer



Source: Pulsar360, Inc.

About Pulsar360, Inc

Pulsar360 Inc., is a North American based Telecommunications Provider with roots going back to 2001,
and it's Executive Team & staff has over 210 years of combined experience; offering Hosted Cloud PBX & Premised based systems, SIP Trunks, & VOIP.

Pulsar360, Inc
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