Publishing of George Washington's Deepest Secret Designed to Shame Lawmakers

At this time of great shock and sadness across the USA following the latest violent episode, perhaps now is the perfect moment to reflect on how far away from the intentions of the founding fathers this nation has strayed, and how to finally fix it.

Since the founding of the USA, political discourse has been heavily influenced by rancor surrounding religion. The extremes of recent years are merely the latest spasm of a disease that has plagued this nation since its conception. Some are determined to make the USA a religious nation, even though the US Constitution clearly says otherwise. Furthermore, none of the symbols created by the founders, which included deists, Freemasons, and others of similar mindset, are overtly religious in nature. In fact, it is easily demonstrated that they all hark back to the ancient wisdom traditions. Thereby, only by listening to what the founders themselves intended, can we ever establish the truth necessary to end the madness that currently passes for governance.

Most of the USA's lawmakers regularly walk beneath the Apotheosis of Washington painting in the Dome of the US Capitol. Most have no clue that its true purpose is to hide proof about certain religious assertions, in plain sight. Most attention is focused on the themes within the painting itself. Few ever grasp that the 72 pentagrams within the circular frame are designed to model the same star-time code used by the ancient Hebrew sages and prophets, who purposely hid vital secrets from religious leaders throughout the last several millennia.

Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, demonstrates that the circular Apotheosis of Washington painting in the USA Capitol Dome purposely encodes the key to proving that all three Faiths of Abraham are purposeful deceptions. Like the ancient sages who preceded them, those who conceived the pivotal symbols of the USA knew it was necessary to wait until a very specific future generation before most people would be ready to grasp the wisdom passed down by the ancients. They also understood that the necessary science to fully unlock ancient encoded secrets would not be available until their future. Even so, certain keys had been passed along since ancient times, so there was always proof of the truth about religion, for those who were worthy of its possession.

One of the most important of those keys is star symbology. For this same reason, the founders made stars an important part of the USA's symbology. The ancient Hebrew sages and prophets synchronized their calendar with an ancient configuration of the zodiac and divided both into 360-year cycles. They symbolized cycles of time in symbolic narratives using both stars and angels, while hiding this fact from religious leaders. Those who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls in exactly 11 caves during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar sent forth proof that they knew this ancient star-time code used in Genesis and throughout the Book of Revelation. This is also proof that assertions by Christian Rome about the source and purpose of that document are blatant lies. Similarly, those who created the Great Seal of the USA and the Apotheosis of Washington purposely left proof that they knew this ancient secret, along with other important details.

Both used stars to encode 360-year cycles because this ancient code, used extensively throughout the Book of Revelation, was designed to serve as a pivotal key to proving the truth about all religions. The true meaning and purpose of star-angel symbology was expertly hidden from religious leaders throughout the ages, so those of future generations would have untampered proof of the truth. As this world slides closer and closer to chaos, in large part because of the strife between and because of religions, the time has arrived to prove the truth required to end this madness.

The ancient star-time code is prominently displayed by the Apotheosis of Washington painting to eventually prove the true intentions of those who created these symbols. The painting is round to simulate the shape of the zodiac. Each of the 72 stars represents 360-years and 72x360=25,920, hence a full precession cycle through all twelve houses and ages of the zodiac. The same code is used within the circular Great Seal of the USA, which also encodes proof of the ancient zodiac, and the direct relationship to the Book of Revelation's encoded timelines and pivotal details.

Thereby, hidden in plain sight within the Capitol Dome is undeniable proof that the founding fathers and others possessed ancient evidence that all three Faiths of Abraham were deceptions. This is one of the hidden secrets to the founding of the USA, and is also encoded throughout the symbolism of Freemasonry. It is a vital insight into why freedom of and freedom from religion were so important to the founders, until future proof of the truth could be widely understood.

As we see our entire world beset by strife between and because of religions, this is the perfect time to prove that all religions have told some very big lies, and fighting over these lies is pointless. The ancient sages and prophets passed this code to the future, embedded in religious canons and elsewhere. This is one of the keys later passed to the Knights Templar and others, which eventually became encoded into the primary symbols of the USA, awaiting the time that the truth could be widely understood and appreciated. provides links to download the free PDF e-Book version of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols. You may download the full PDF E-Book directly at the link below or visit the website for additional options, articles, and resources. The paperback version is available through the website, at, and other booksellers.

Can science and ancient wisdom work together to unlock the mysteries of the ancient past and prove the truth about all religions? Visit and prove it to yourself.

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