Proposition Selling: A Winning Guide to HVACR Sales

Selling is a noble profession, according to HVACR sales expert Tom Piscitelli, who maintains that top salespeople are trained and coached and not born.

Piscitelli, the co-author, along with John Sedgwick, of Proposition Selling: How to Create Extraordinary Success in Business-to-Business Sales, says that for too long salespeople, including those in the HVACR industry, have relied on techniques or tricks for selling and ignore the long-term strategic view that wholesalers need when working with a contractor-customer.

“Sure, that immediate sale might produce a momentary profit, but we know that your best customer is the one you have and keep,” says Piscitelli. “That means developing a plan and following a proven process, not some practiced quick answer for a one-time sale.

 “I’ve spoken to more than 10,000 small-business professionals and sales managers, and whenever they gripe that sales aren’t improving or their approach isn’t working, the evidence is usually clear to me.”

Piscitelli is particularly suited for promoting the Proposition Selling process, with more than 40 years of experience in a career that encompasses sales, sales management, training and consulting for major manufacturers, distributors and contractors.

Piscitelli says a major flaw that people make when selling is failing to understand that change and ultimately success begin with a person’s attitude toward the selling process. “The way you think about yourself, and about your customers will have more impact on your selling success than any other single factor,” Piscitelli says. “Your mind-set will determine how you judge things, how you behave, how well you listen and what you say. Your mind-set will ultimately determine your results.”

But even with the right mind-set, implementation is what ultimately decides what works and what falters, according to Piscitelli.

The Proposition Selling process covers a swath of variables in HVACR selling process that include:

·       overcoming false beliefs about customer satisfaction and buying habits;

·       relating to the customer to earn their trust, and ultimately, their business;

·       using account analysis strategies to find and sell to target accounts;

·       finding out what each customer’s most important business needs are;

·       creating an effective sales process;

·       learning how to change customer behaviors in order to produce improved results.

While there are many guides and books available about selling, what makes Proposition Selling different is that it combines all the important elements of business-to-business sales, proven in practice, into one coherent process that has repeatedly demonstrated its success in the HVACR industry.

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Source: Tom Piscitelli


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