Project Phoenix - Come Back Stronger!

When Aurorasa Sima an acclaimed Empowermentalist, Coach and the prodigy behind Aurorasa Coaching realized that about 90% of her clients are struggling with the same issue she knew it was time to create Project Phoenix.  

Everyone, no matter how successful they are has experienced some sort of painful setbacks and failure in their life. Whether it is a job loss, abusive relationship, failed business, divorce - these negative experiences hinder someone's  ability to reach their full potential.

Is that you or are you you?

Aurorasa Sima, Empowermentalist

Painful or traumatic experience leaves marks in our brains -  that can be made visible via brainscan. Project Phoenix helps people to remove these marks and allows for renewal and to rise like phoenix from the ashes.

Aurorasa Coaching is hosting a free training on Monday, April 18, 2016 at 4 PM CDT 

Aurorasa Sima´s aim is to offer everyone an accessible, affordable solution to achieve the level of success they are destined to.

Along with Aurorasa, three other guest speakers will be guiding the webinar participants.

  • Harvey Deutschendorf -Emotional Intelligence Expert / internationally published author

  • Brent Allan- Speaker, Consultant, Author, Nice Guy

  • Chris Del Grande-President & Co-Founder of Valued Merchant Services

The live webinar will focus on explaining  how the brain mechanics work in lieu of such emotional failures and setback. The main goal of the webinar is to provide practical advice on dealing with such upheavals effectively. The webinar will equip attendees with the tools to rise:

  • Overcoming fear of failure and fear of success - allows people to pursue their TRUE dreams, goals and desires

  • Raising the Emotional Quotient - allows to form and tend better relationships and stop subconsciously self-sabotage by reacting to the past and your fears

  • Claiming  back control over your mind - allows to make conscious decisions and plan actions (as opposed to reactions)

Who should attend? - Anyone with the desire to grow emotionally and to maximize on their failures and setbacks in a positive way. The webinar has limited capacity for attendance so register as soon as possible.

About Aurorasa Coaching:

Founded by Aurasa Sima with the belief that true happiness comes with the achievement of both personal and professional goals in life, Aurorasa Sima is an Empowermentalist, Trainer and Coach specializing in Success Coaching, Empowerment, Sales Training and Happiness Enhancement. Training. Over 10 years experience in Sales Management together with 12 years of Coaching experience and considerable research on neuroscience make for a unique and powerful combination. Aurorasa Coaching is working with the legendary Sales Trainer Mike Bosworth (Solution Selling, What great salespeople do) to provide sales training to salespeople and other influencers. She helps both individuals and teams.

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About Aurorasa Coaching

Aurorasa Coaching offers Empowerment-, Emotional Intelligence-, and Success Coaching as well as Mike Bosworth Leadership (Solution Selling, Story Seekers) Sales Training.

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