Aurorasa Coaching Launches Project Phoenix Affiliate Program

Aurorasa Coaching Affiliate, Project Phoenix Emotional Intelligence Training, Extends Marketing Opportunities for Third Parties

AURORASA Coaching today launched the Project Phoenix Affiliate program, making it the first complete EQ boosting program. Project Phoenix is available in 2 variants - fully digital and with personal coaching. Included is everything a person needs to successfully raise their EQ.

“The program is a clear win-win for Aurorasa Coaching and our partners, both large and small”, said Aurorasa Sima, founder of Aurorasa Coaching. “By working with affiliates we´re not only expanding access to Project Phoenix, but are giving site owners the ability to connect to one of the hottest new products, creating a quick and easy way for them to generate additional revenue.”

The first complete emotional intelligence training program now available to third-parties.

Aurorasa Sima

The program is the latest initiative from Aurorasa Coaching to help individuals gaining back control over their minds and increasing their level of success and happiness.

Components of Project Phoenix include:

  • 30 Day EI Training Course

  • 3 Videos

  • 2 Hours of subliminal brainwave entrainment audio

  • Tai Chi ebook

  • Meditative Movements ebook

And more.

Project Phoenix is targeted at people and coaches who are facing fears and people who are self-sabotaging their success and relationships. With commissions over market average, the offer is suited for newer as well as experienced affiliates.

In order to achieve higher levels of success and happiness Project Phoenix is the best way to increase emotional intelligence and eliminate success blockers and self-sabotage. With 3 new product releases and long-term cookies, early partners can be sure to cash in big commission checks.

Interested partners can sign up here:

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