Project Legacy USA, LLC

Project Legacy USA has launched a unique website designed to allow the American people to voluntarily provide information to be sealed within an actual time capsule

After many months of development and research, the highly anticipated site for Project Legacy USA, LLC. ( is now live for public viewing.

"Project Legacy USA, LLC ( is a perfect compliment to the American people's desire to share their knowledge, experiences and tributes on behalf of their loved ones; all for our future societal evolution as a country."

"Project Legacy USA, LLC will become the premier vehicle, in the form of an actual Time Capsule; that will be the patient messenger of the American people's wealth of knowledge and experiences. They are 100% committed to be an innovative leader, guardian of wisdom and the premier Time Capsule of our millennium."

The website is cleanly designed to offer an easy opportunity for the American people to voluntarily submit any information they would like to have sealed within the Project Legacy USA, LLC ( time capsule.

About Project Legacy USA, LLC.(

Project Legacy USA, LLC was founded in Springfield, MA in early 2012 by an entrepreneurial spirited individual, who respects humanity and is empowered to give back to society. The core of our company is centered on the human desire to understand and influence our environment; both present and future. With that philosophy, Project Legacy USA, LLC is committed to developing and placing an actual time capsule, in order to foster the future evolution of our successors.

Over the next 8 years; Project Legacy USA, LLC ( will work vigorously gathering information, to ensure that the contents of the time capsule are relevant and meaningful. In addition to era specific information, we are offering unique sponsorship opportunities only available to the American people. Our sponsorship program will guarantee that individual names, information, messages and tributes will be part of the Project Legacy USA, LLC time capsule. Then following the year 2020, the Project Legacy USA, LLC time capsule will be placed in its permanent US location. Our objective is that the time capsule is to be entrusted to future societies, for them to discover and experience the contents.

Project Legacy USA, LLC ( is an American owned company registered in the state of Massachusetts, and operates out of Springfield, MA.