A Time For A Time Capsule

Let's discuss why now is the time to utilize a Time Capsule as the perfect vehicle for delivering and preserving a wealth of information for future generations to learn from.

A Time Capsule is the perfect vehicle for delivering and preserving a wealth of information for future generations to learn from. Obvious vehicles used to deliver this history for future exploration have been around for thousands of years; take a look at the ancient pyramids left behind by our Egyptian Ancestors. You can even go further back; let's say millions of years ago. As you know, we have had some significant findings from the prehistoric age (i.e. man, dinosaurs, vegetation, etc.); all thanks to mother nature's Time Capsule.

As an advanced society it is an absolute necessity to learn from experiences of those that came before us; in order to continue our progressive growth.

Most people are aware of the many time capsules that are created for nostalgic reference, typically created by schools and other smaller groups or organizations. Traditionally, you'll find that these capsules have a set open date, many decades from the final placement; however, still within our lifetime. In most cases you will not find much historical value disseminated with these types of vehicles, for a couple of reasons. First of all, the contents do not represent a large enough collaboration of people to be historically relevant. Secondly, we are no doubt progressing quickly as a society; however, opening a time capsule within 10- 40 years of creation, does not demonstrate how far people have come or what level of knowledge may have been lost.

Overall, a society must come together highlighting as many of their people as possible; this will ensure the contents to have historical relevance and will have significant impact on future societies. Lastly, there should not be a scheduled open date; it must be left for future societies, 100's or even 1000's of years from now to discover through exploration and learn from the contents.

People live in a diverse world that encompasses many life styles, forms of religion, traditions, beliefs and different levels of progression. As a result, it would not make sense to bring the entire world together to fulfill the contents of one worldwide Time Capsule. The information provided would be confusing to a future society. It is important that contents come from one country; because, it will ensure that the information is consistent and illustrates proper progression.

Therefore, it would make sense that a country that has experienced a great deal of positive progression, and has a population that is diverse; to come together and create a time capsule. The United States of America is the perfect country to come together and create a meaningful Time Capsule; to foster evolution. Our Country has an amazing level of cultural/spiritual diversity, compassion, adversity resolution, significant advancements and a fast paced level of positive progression as a country. If the American people were to come together and share their legacies for such a noble cause; our future societies would have information worth exploring and likely adapting the findings for their way of life.

Is now the time for a Time Capsule?

Filling a time capsule is like taking a picture; it's hard to determine which moment is worth capturing.

The Forefathers landed at Plymouth Rock almost 400 years ago in the year 1620. Since that time, this country has experienced many highs and lows; that are successes as a country and others are something less.

At present, the people of the United States have been experiencing significant changes in their lifestyles through a tough economic climate, and yet seem to have the ability to maintain an optimistic attitude. Finally, the technological advancement of this country has been explosive and ultimately changed the way American's live and communicate.

Therefore, the fact that in the year 2020 the American people will have been inhabiting North America for 400 years, and there has been significant technological/societal advancements, and the American people have great legacies to share; there is no better time than today to begin filling a time capsule.