Project 30 Expands to Grow Market Influence

Project 30's CEO detailed a current expansion effort and the team member leading the charge. He also outlined the immersive training approach the company uses to put team members in position to thrive.

​​Opening a new location is always something for a company to celebrate. That's why spirits are so high around the Project 30 office. Myke, the firm's CEO, explained, "Our assistant manager Taylor is opening his own office, which will allow us to expand our reach into a broader market. It's a great time to be part of the Project 30 family, because there are remarkable opportunities for growth of all kinds."

The Project 30 management team will be focusing on finding the right office space and adding the best talent to help the new venture succeed. In his new leadership role, Taylor will be responsible for guiding about 20 team members to predetermined revenue goals. He'll also organize weekly meetings to discuss all aspects of ongoing and upcoming campaigns. The CEO remarked, "Taylor is well equipped for this role. I'm confident that he will apply his considerable leadership skills to help his team members thrive."

Along with hiring new promotional specialists, the expansion also opens up space for current team members to move up within the organization. "We're ready to promote a few of our top performers to the management level," Myke added. "It's going to be an exciting year with all our aggressive expansion plans, and our people will be able to grow right along with our company."

Project 30's CEO on the Firm's Extensive Training Program

An in-depth training approach prepares members of Team Project 30 to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. The CEO explained, "New hires receive hands-on education in every aspect of our business. We prepare all our promotional specialists to be as versatile as they can be even as they build on their unique talents. When the time comes, our people are well equipped to lead their own offices to consistent excellence."

Merit-based advancement is another key aspect of the Project 30 commitment to professional development. Myke stated, "We pay special attention to the advancement of our team members, rewarding driven individuals with regular promotions as well as ongoing education. This has led to a diverse team of highly competent brand experts such as Taylor. His ability to expertly establish customer connections will serve him and our company well for years to come."

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Project 30 is a full-service promotions firm known for creating the extraordinary. With a unique way of connecting brands to buyers, the team's innovative campaigns allow businesses to leave their mark on world. Each campaign is skilfully crafted to engage people and yield immediate results. These events generate strong customer acquisition rates and higher profits overall. Project 30 leverages the team's experience working with brands of all sizes to customize and scale promotions, and meet any need. Associates consistently help businesses swiftly achieve their marketing goals. Learn more by visiting their website at

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