Product Design Startup, All Button Inc. Successfully Funds Its Second Kickstarter Project, Fidget Ball

All Button Inc.'s latest product, Fidget Ball, is designed to help users enhance their focus through perpetual fidgeting motions, soft ASMR sounds, and therapeutic massages.

All Button Inc. has announced that they have successfully hit their funding goal for the company's second Kickstarter project, Fidget Ball.

Fidget Ball went live on Kickstarter on Monday, Sept. 3. Since then they have established partnerships with crowdfunding experts, Altos Business Group and Enventys Partners.

Fidget Ball has three unique features that set it apart from the fidget spinner.

  1. The form factor has been redesigned. Fidget Ball allows the user to actively play with it in order to relieve anxiety levels and instead achieve heightened levels of concentration.
  2. The Fidget Ball emits soft clicking noises that resemble the turning of gears. Tests conducted by All Button Inc. have revealed that these sounds have had a soothing effect on its users.
  3. The shell of Fidget Ball contains protruding massage grooves that target acupressure points on the hand, shoulder, and feet.

Prices for the Fidget Ball start at $21 and rewards are expected to be delivered before Christmas this year. The Fidget Ball will be available in two colors: Chrome and Black Pearl. Any journalists or influencers who are interested in receiving a sample of the Fidget Ball are encouraged to send an inquiry through its Kickstarter page or product website.

Source: All Button Inc.


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