Pro Maverick Consultants' Holiday Travels Celebrating 2017

The Pro Maverick Consultants associates recently marked the end of 2017 with an industry holiday party. Cierra, the company President, indicated that this was both a celebration and chance for professional growth.

​According to Cierra, the Pro Maverick Consultants team traveled to the luxurious Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee, North Carolina for the annual get together. Ten people from the customer acquisition company attended the black-tie event. It was an elegant affair that included industry leaders from all over the country. Getting to networking with such prominent personalities was a major perk.

“It was a great experience traveling to Cherokee,” Cierra stated. “Getting out of the office together was a fun perk and a wonderful way to reward our hard-working executives. Our people felt very incentivized to work for this travel opportunity. We selected people based on dedication, learning, punctuality, and going above and beyond for the business. These people genuinely care about their work.”

The party was about a three-hour trip for the group. It was a beautiful, wintery scene. The event started with an award ceremony. This included recognition of the most accomplished individuals in the field, including a short introductory clip for each person in the style of the Oscars. Cierra indicated that this experience was a huge motivator for the Pro Maverick Consultants team members.

Getting out of the office together was a fun perk and a wonderful way to reward our hard-working executives.



“We were also thrilled to meet so many new people,” she continued. “Our industry requires teams to stay innovative. One of the most effective ways to stay on the cutting edge of the field is to network at these gatherings. The conversations about best practices truly represent the latest and greatest in customer acquisitions.”

Pro Maverick Consultants’ President on Team Building

One of the key benefits of the holiday party was the opportunity for impactful team building, explained Cierra. With Pro Maverick Consultants’ top performers traveling together, it was a great way to bond and deepen relationships. Shared experiences, especially traveling, are essential to a strong and highly effective business team.

“Travel is so powerful because it is a reward and a way to bond,” Cierra stated. “Our people are happy to be able to experience new places. This is only improved by the fact they are doing it together. Whenever we return from a conference, retreat, or other group trip, we are closer than ever before. Better yet, everyone is filled with a shared energy. It is truly powerful for the whole team.”

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