Pro Maverick Consultants Give Back to Stop Hunger

Philanthropy is a major part of the Pro Maverick Consultants culture and recently, team members took part in a volunteer event to give back to the Houston Food Bank. The firm's President highlighted why the social impact is important.

“Our team at Pro Maverick Consultants is excited to highlight our recent philanthropic effort at the Houston Food Bank!” said Cierra, the firm’s President, who was joined by Austin and Christian on the volunteer adventure. For Cierra, who used to help with food banks in North Carolina, it was a natural transition in terms of helping her new neighbors.

For these members of Team Pro Maverick Consultants, the chance to serve others was a moving experience in many ways. “One of the most rewarding parts of volunteering at a food bank is to see how excited people are,” said Cierra. “You are able to see firsthand how your participation affects someone in a positive way. This was a great opportunity for our team to band together and help out our local community. The Houston Food Bank is the largest food bank in the United States, which feeds almost one million meals per year. In the three hours our team volunteered, almost 3,000 meals were fed with the entire group volunteering."

Pro Maverick Consultants’ President on Why Volunteering Matters

Our team at Pro Maverick Consultants is excited to highlight our recent philanthropic effort at the Houston Food Bank!



Within the Pro Maverick Consultants culture, helping others succeed is a value that’s reinforced day in and day out. As Cierra noted, team members are nurtured to lift each other as well as reach their own goals. It makes sense that this giving environment would translate to the community at large.

While the biggest plus of volunteering is simply the great feeling people get from giving back, as a firm that’s constantly growing, philanthropic efforts are quickly tied to a positive public profile. Both customers and potential hires alike tend to be drawn to a company that demonstrates the meaning of social responsibility. 

More than good PR, there are often networking opportunities that come from volunteering or donating to a good cause. Rolling up sleeves to support worthy charities can lead to important contacts and lifelong business relationships. People tend to be drawn to others who share their values and care about the same issues. These commonalities form bonds which can lead to lucrative opportunities down the line.

Cierra concluded that whether it’s assembling meals for those in need or helping out in other ways, the fact that her team is there and making an effort to be part of this community has a strong and lasting impact.

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