Prive Society Launches New Website

Prive Society's services and benefits, which have long been available to members via phone and email, are now available via the updated website.

Prive Society, a membership-based lifestyle concierge & services company for professional athletes and high net-worth individuals, announced today the launch of their newly developed website that delivers increased communication between Prive Society and its customers, partners and prospects. Prive's services and benefits, which have long been available to members via phone and email, are now available via the updated website.

Commenting on this new enhanced portal, Ellis Hobbs, founding partner of Prive Society said, "We wanted to create an enhanced environment of communication where Prive Society, together with experts from our vast network of providers, can share best practices with our members." Hobbs continues, "We strive to provide the highest level service possible to our clients. Through the redesign of our site, we feel that both our existing and potential customers are better served through the information and amenities we now provide online".

Michael Dean, managing partner of Prive Society, commented that the company's new blog will become an invaluable forum for professional athletes and high net-worth individuals to better understand, and as a result, consider changes to better manage both financial and lifestyle decisions. "Prive Society's customers and business partners are some of the most respected names in their industries, and the sharing and receiving of knowledge relating to the specific challenges faced by this group is extremely powerful."

The new website is part of Prive Society's ongoing initiative to provide optimal communication with its customers, vendor partners, and potential clients. By providing access to new information, anecdotes, and research, Prive Society feels that it can better serve its audience and also offer specific examples of the types of services the company delivers. In August of this year, Prive Society also plans to launch to a medical advice hotline and concierge service as part of the service package it offers its members. The newly developed Prive Society website, together with access to the blog, can be found at

About Prive Society:
Prive Society is a private membership group dedicated to meeting the desires and necessities of professional athletes and high-net-worth individuals with ideal access and convenience. Prive Society offers services from the world's leading luxury providers that help manage clients' private, social, and business lives while freeing them to enjoy all that life has to offer. Prive Society's sole mission is to enrich its members' lives by opening the door to luxury with high-touch, exclusive services that surpass expectation and provide impeccable, confidential, and personalized lifestyle management quality. For more information, please visit

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