PrivateAuto Introduces PrivateAuto Pay for Safe and Secure Peer-to-Peer Vehicle Transactions

The only way to securely transfer over $10,000 in the parking lot during a private vehicle sale

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PrivateAuto, the first P2P transactional vehicle marketplace, introduces PrivateAuto Pay — the only way to eSign the bill of sale and securely transfer amounts over $10,000 in the parking lot. PrivateAuto is the first mobile app to bring safety, security, and instant transactions to the private sale.

Secure Transactions

With PrivateAuto Pay, buyers and sellers can safely and securely transfer funds on the spot, even on nights, weekends, and holidays. PrivateAuto Pay provides a fast, reliable, and secure way to close a peer-to-peer deal in the parking lot. This eliminates the need for users to carry large sums of cash or wait for checks to clear, making the transaction process faster and more convenient for everyone involved.

Avoid Scams

PrivateAuto uses driver's license verification and facial recognition technology to verify the identity of both buyers and sellers. To avoid sharing personal information, the platform also includes secure messaging within the app so the buyer and seller can communicate. In a market plagued with scammers, this brings safety and security to the private sale.

Easy Bill of Sale

PrivateAuto is the only way to experience dealer-like services in the palm of the user's hand. The app provides the ability to e-sign the Bill of Sale right on the phone. It also allows users to upload the physical documents needed to keep everything in one place. 

Pay When It Sells

Since PrivateAuto is the only marketplace with transactional technology, sellers have the option to pay the listing fee when their car actually sells. This makes PrivateAuto the first pay-on-performance marketplace for private sellers.

About PrivateAuto

PrivateAuto is the safe and simple way to buy or sell a car privately. It's the only technology-driven way to close a peer-to-peer deal in the parking lot.

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