"Private Select": Non-Smokers Can Enjoy Pure Environment Even With a Smoker in the House

​The Private Select is a purifying device for cigarette smokers. It neutralizes smoking odors and filters the smoke from exhalation into the unit. It is designed to privately permit one to smoke while eliminating the byproducts of smoke that others find objectionable, the Private Select restores to smokers some of the freedom they have lost, while also meeting the needs of non-smokers. The Private Select alleviates embarrassing odors which normally linger on a smoker and in their living space.

The Private Select is a cylindrical unit fabricated with a Pyrex® glass barrel form-fitted to contain a cigarette either end of which is fitted with a removable rubber washer. The main chamber, or “exhaling chamber,” around the glass barrel is larger in diameter in the middle than at the ends of the unit to allow room for expelled smoke to be filtered by the ample filter occupying the distal end of the unit. The filtered smoke is then released through small “exhale” vents located around this end of the unit. With the mouthpiece temporarily removed, a cigarette can be loaded into the chamber and the mouthpiece replaced. The distal (or lighted-end) cap may then be moved to light the cigarette and replaced when lit. The proximal end (or mouthpiece) valve permits the smoker to both inhale and exhale back into the Private Select filtered chamber. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Private Select.
The Patent Pending Private Select was invented by Daniel Sanchez of Wilmington, CA who said, “Private Select allows a smoker to inhale and exhale. When exhaling, smoke is not immediately released but is filtered to absorb odors. Private Select respects both the choice of the smoker and eliminates smoke and odors for others. This device ends the disdain that anti-smokers heap upon a smoker and is liberating for the user too because it works.”

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