Primordia DAO Launches to Establish 100 DAOs for Positive Social Change in 2022 With Real-World Communities From Around the World

Emerging from Kindness Grocery Cooperative and The Kin DAO, Primordia DAO is the next stage of community building in the Metaverse and beyond.

The Kin DAO

The Kin DAO (DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization) today announced the launch of its Primordia DAO, a year-long project DAO to be experienced as a conceptual art exhibition of village building URL (Online) and in IRL (In Real Life). Primordia's objective is to provide education to historically excluded communities to bridge the digital divide by leveraging collaborative art-based solutions.

After two years of actively cultivating solutions to the pressing issues of food insecurity, homelessness, poverty, fractured communities and climate change, the founders of the Kindness Grocery Cooperative, Asya Abdrahman and Adrian Bello, transitioned their real-world, physical cooperative into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization called The Kin DAO in September of 2021.

The founders of Primordia are Bay Area based artists, curators and activists whose projects have served 50,000 people in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Los Angeles, South Dakota, and Mexico. The Kin DAO employs blockchain tooling to bring equitable systems to the physical world through art, collective land stewardship and regenerative systems creation. Their main intention is to create systems that enable humanity to harmoniously transition into new paradigms of decentralization, cooperation and regeneration both in the digital and real world.

Primordia DAO's success will create digital villages built on real-world relationships that can meet the needs of real communities and develop leaders equipped with skills to self govern, self create and onboard uniquely. The project will be onboarding 100 DAOs to NEAR Protocol, a San Francisco based blockchain, by the end of the calendar year that will aim to collectively work towards their shared goals. Primordia is an important use-case in the future of global coordination and creative community autonomy as society collectively moves into worlds of regeneration and community based governance.

"We are not doing what we are doing for the hype," said Abdrahman. "For millenia, human beings have worked together to stave off hunger and poverty, while also fighting for liberation. The difference is that now we are doing it on technology, and it is our deepest hope that this time, in this century, we will connect people towards their liberation and their basic human rights in a more immediate and impactful way."

"We're collaborating with Primordia DAO because our regenerative community values align. Our focus at Bridgit DAO is to support, catalyze and launch DAOs focused on regeneration, cognitive freedom, and collective intelligence. In this time of radical economic and values-based collaboration on the Blockchain, we know that partnerships with other like-minded DAOs is not a 'business' move, but direct action towards both cultural stewardship and economic recovery. We are thrilled to join Primordia DAO." - Daveed Benjamin, founder of Bridgit DAO.

Impactful DAOs Onboarded to Primordia: 

  • 'verse gallery DAO is a permanent physical NFT gallery for Web3 onboarding. (Scandinavia)
  • Bridgit DAO is a regenerative DAO launcher that catalyzes cognitive freedom and collective intelligence. (Mexico)
  • Street Dance Activism DAO is a Global Dance Meditation for Black Liberation (Los Angeles, CA) 
  • EFAM DAO is re-indigenizing West Oakland's relationship to land, food, medicine. (Oakland, CA)
  • Wood Street Eviction Defense DAO provides eviction defense for the displaced communities within the Wood Street Community. (West Oakland, CA)
  • ARC DAO is transforming civilization through trans-dimensional design to house all of humanity and integrate human creativity with the process of life. (Taos, NM)
  • Seven Vision DAO is a media-studio producing documentaries, music videos and live events, with life-affirming values to inspire the next generation of visionaries. (Portland, Oregon) 
  • Sacred Waters DAO protects fresh water cenotes of Quintana Roo. (Quintana Roo, Mexico) 
  • TulumCoin DAO is a local cryptocurrency for Tulum and the Mayan Riviera that dedicates percentages to regenerative projects. (Tulum, Mexico)
  • Xibalba NFT DAO is a conservation project that will preserve a natural centoe museum of stalactite and stalagmite. (Yucatan, Mexico). 
  • Presence DAO is expanding the perspective of how people see the Web. (Philadelphia) 
  • Liberation Wellness educates and connects creators, leaders and innovators to their highest self through strength, health and mindset. (Oakland, CA) 
  • For Product Model DAO builds ecological and economic systems required to create a series of productively sovereign ecovillages. (Monterey, CA) 
  • Pacha DAO creates decentralized children's entertainment that reminds kids of their connection with nature, helps them become crypto-natives, and inspires them to be active participants in regenerating the world. (Mexico)

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