Esaiyo and Airlift Embark on Joint Venture to Co-Develop Platform to Preserve Cultural Heritage Across South Asia

Esaiyo, a Denver based technology company and Airlift, a Nepalese technology company have joined forces to create a platform and service to preserve the vast cultural heritage of South Asia, beginning in Nepal.

The escalating frequency of climate-induced natural calamities poses a substantial threat to global cultural heritage sites and valuable artifacts. Places such as Venice (Italy), the Andes (South America), the Arctic, California (USA), Maui (USA), Cape Town (South Africa), Thimphu (Bhutan), New Orleans (USA), Kathmandu (Nepal) etc., have witnessed the erasure and deterioration of significant human achievements and cultural symbols due to these environmental upheavals.

Esaiyo and Airlift today announced a partnership to create a technology framework to preserve significant cultural heritage sites and objects across South Asia to negate the risks associated with increased risks to humanity’s greatest assets. 

“As we look to be the immutable storytellers and history keepers of people, places, and things, it is important that our technology enables the digital preservation of historic and culturally relevant buildings and places throughout the world. This partnership with Airlift allows us to explore combining our object graph technology with their 3D photographic technology and process,” said Raymond St. Martin, CEO of Esaiyo.

Esaiyo’s proprietary engine combines blockchain and graph technology to track and trace digital assets across any platform, defines them through their unique attributes, and displays them as individuals or in relationships with other objects or collections.

Airlift is a leader in Unmanned Aerial Services at the forefront of technology disruption and development in South Asia. Airlift has been creating virtual maps and 3D renderings of various South Asian cultural heritage sites for a number of years.

According to Mr. St Martin, “The two companies will work to develop, leverage, and monetize advanced data set infrastructure and assets to immediately secure significant objects and metadata regarding cultural heritage across Nepal and throughout South Asia.

According to Esaiyo Cofounder, Kwasi Asare, “This partnership leveraging our shared technology platforms will create a new offering that can leverage the existing Airlift technology platform and the heart of Esaiyo’s global framework for cultural preservation.

According to Airlift CEO, Raj Bikram Maharjan “The team at Airlift and I are excited to work with Esaiyo to preserve Nepal's cultural heritage.  Esaiyo and Airlifts technology platforms will create a powerful way to enable the preservation of Nepalese and global culture for humanity.

According to Airlift Cofounder, Milan Pandey, “Global UNESCO historical sites are critical for attracting more diverse travelers."

About Esaiyo

Esaiyo is a software company that established the standard for the Social Identity of Objects. Esaiyo's proprietary engine combines blockchain and graph technology to track and trace digital assets across any platform. 

About Airlift

Airlift’s mission is to make the skies open and accessible for everyone. Trusted by users across a variety of industries, Airlift is transforming how businesses collect, manage, and interpret drone data. 

Source: ESAIYO