Prime Prep Academy First in US to Deploy Enhanced Non-lethal Pro V2 to Manage Security Incidents

With 41 school shootings in America this year alone, and 18 resulting fatalities with numerous more injuries, it has become apparent to the public that the old method of keeping school-goers safe is no longer effective, and needs to be replaced.

One school has shown they have the courage to take the extra step in protecting their students.

Prime Prep Academy, a Dallas/Fort Worth charter school, has taken the first step of any other school in the country to deploy Enhanced Non-Lethal (ENL) technology on its campus. They chose to employ the Pro V2, created by Guardian 8, in their schools to assist with security. The Pro V2 resembles a handgun, especially when holstered, but has many more features than a firearm. First, by arming the device, a digital camera and audio recording features are activated, while simultaneously deploying a laser spotter feature. Second, after a partial trigger pull, an alert siren and strobe light are activated in tandem with a pre-recorded alert message. Finally, with a complete trigger pull, a continuous spray of pepper spray is unleashed at the target, and will continue to spray until the trigger is released or the canister is emptied.

The school believes that this option was especially appealing because of the availability of audio and video recording capabilities which would not only help in identifying anyone potentially wishing to do harm to the campus, but would also protect the integrity of anyone standing in the way of the harm-doer, and to help eliminate abuse of the device.

Two school administrators were certified to be ENL instructors from the creator of the Pro V2 itself. With this new tactic in school security, students, teachers, and parents can feel more comfortable and free in the school environment knowing that their safety is being ensured with some of the most cutting-edge security measures in the country.

About Prime Prep Academy

Prime Prep Academy was originally founded by Deion Sanders, famous former Dallas Cowboy, and the only professional athlete to participate in both a Super Bowl and a World Series. Superintendent Ron Price was named to his position almost a year ago in December 2013, and has since been making choices such as employing these ENL methods to ensure the school enjoys an ever-improving future. To learn more about the school, please visit, or to learn more about the Pro V2, please visit

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