Preventative Medical Clinic of Kohll's Pharmacy Reports Non-Surgical Beauty is on the Rise for Patients on the Go

Study: On average, women spend more than $313 a month on their appearance. Non Surgery-No Downtime.


Allergan, responsible for the production of in-demand non-surgical treatments for millions of Americans, has helped Preventative Medical Clinic of Kohll's become one of the top 1 percent of providers in the World for Allergan non-surgical treatments and procedures. Preventative Medical Clinic of Kohll's goal is to help patients look and feel up to ten years younger. The most popular service is Botox. "It's addicting. Patients start with Botox, then most patients want a little more after they realize how fast and easy it is," said Bobbie Vetock, clinic director at Preventative Medical Clinic of Kohll's Pharmacy and HomeCare.

Treatments like Botox helped boost business at the clinic off 114th & Dodge. Vetock says sales have doubled in the past two years. According to a study done by One Poll for Groupon, the average woman spends about $313 a month on her appearance. That adds up to $3,756 a year, and more than $225,300 over a lifetime. Vetock tells me the most popular procedure at Preventative Medical Clinic of Kohll's Pharmacy, is Botox because of the quick results and the minimal amount of time spent on the procedure. "People are coming on their lunch breaks, scheduling appointments over lunch. You can be in and out of here in 15-45 minutes, and look different," said Vetock.

Non-surgical is the way things are going and for a very good reason, people just don't have time.

Justin Kohll, Vice President

Another popular service available at Preventative Medical Clinic of Kohll's Pharmacy is Kybella, the Non-Surgical FDA approved Permanent fat removal treatment. Many of us can point to any part of our body to find some unwanted fat. And for those who have extra fat on their chin, patients are in luck. Preventative Medical Clinic of Kohll's is using treatments, such as Kybella, to tighten the chin area. Preventative Medical Clinic of Kohll's Pharmacy was one of the first in Nebraska to offer Kybella, a drug that helps to dissolve fat below the jawline in order to minimize the appearance of a double chin. "It really revolutionized the treatment for saggy chin or chin that has unwanted fat," said Justin Kohll. "Patients don't go under the knife. Kybella is injected into the chin area to get rid of the unwanted fat."

SculpSure is another popular procedure drawing patients to our clinic in the Omaha metro area. It's a non-surgical FDA approved fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled heat and cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. "No surgery, no needles, no downtime," said Justin Kohll.

Preventative Medical Clinic of Kohll's Pharmacy places their client's happiness and confidence as a major priority, and to be ranked well within Allegan's top 250 practices across the entire country is a huge achievement. This means that even more clients can enjoy the fantastic health and confidence benefits of the range of cosmetic treatments, which Preventative Medical Clinic offers to every person who passes through their doors.

Justin Kohll, David Kohll and Preventative Medical Clinic Med Spa of Kohll's Pharmacy would like to thank everyone who has made this achievement possible, and look forward to continuing fantastic work over the following year and beyond.

Source: Kolhll's Pharmacy Preventative Medical Clinic


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