Kohll's Pharmacy Spreads Their Wings With Age Management Medical Clinic, DesignRx Fertility Specialty, PCAB Accreditation

Kohll's Pharmacy Diversifies with Age Management Medical Clinic, Fertility Medication Specialty and Its Continuous PCAB Accreditation

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Justin Kohll and David Kohll are proud to provide two unique services for our patients within our diversified Kohll's Pharmacy Practice. Preventative Medical Clinic (PMC) was added because of the ongoing demand to provide a dedicated Age Management Clinic for our patients over 40. The other service offered is our Fertility Medication Specialty Pharmacy for our patients struggling with infertility.

"Preventative Medical Clinic is a med spa-like environment. Services include bio-identical hormones, aesthetics, IV therapies, SculpSure non-surgical permanent fat loss, anti-aging medicine, Alma Laser, Botox, facial fillers, Hydra Facials, Vampire services, facial peels, PRP and weight loss,” said Justin Kohll.  A steady trend has been for people to seek minimally invasive or non-surgical treatments as most do not like the treatment time, pain and/or recovery associated with more invasive procedures. For this reason, more and more men and women are choosing treatments that can be done quickly, painlessly and with minimal downtime at Preventative Medical Clinic (PMC).

Really what our goal is for people is to be well and healthy and that's why we are branching out into these areas.

Justin Kohll, Vice President

Preventative Medical Clinic is staffed by nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses that work with another wing of Kohll's Pharmacy called Essential Pharmacy Compounding to provide custom compounded preparations for their patients. "Really what our goal is for people is to be well and healthy and that’s why we are branching out into these areas and will continue to branch out in other areas that benefit our patients and community,” Justin Kohll said. 

In addition, Kohll's Pharmacy division Essential Pharmacy Compounding  proudly announces its continuous achievement of the PCAB Accreditation once again, a service of the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), for the compounding of pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary patients. The accreditation is awarded in recognition of the pharmacy's commitment to meeting and/or exceeding national quality standards. Achieving PCAB accreditation is a rigorous process. It reflects an organization’s dedication to consistently operating within criteria that facilitate a high level of performance and patient care.

Kohll's Pharmacy Fertility Medication Specialty Pharmacy is recognized as one of 24 DesignRx Fertility Pharmacy Centers in the country to provide patients fertility medication at the most competitive prices. The DesignRx® network of specialty pharmacies is among the best in the U.S.A. Kohll's Pharmacy Fertility Pharmacy offers superior service and we are confident that you will enjoy your experience with us. Working with Kohll's Pharmacy, you can expect discounts on your medications ranging anywhere from 15-30 percent. In addition to savings, Kohll's Pharmacy offers outstanding in-person and web-based patient education and support for patients taking medications, including complete insurance verification for your prescription.

“Kohll's has always worked to extremely high standards. This is now validated by our PCAB accreditation that we received after being inspected. We understand that many prescribers and state boards of pharmacy want to see this accreditation as proof of high standards and we are proud to show it,” said Justin Kohll, V.P. of Kohll's Pharmacy. “We are unwavering in our promise to provide the best compounded medications for our clients and patients, now and in the future.”

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