Northern Management Events Named Top Place to Work

Northern Management Events was named a Top Place to Work in 2016 by the Fair Business Report. The team cites positive company culture as reason for success.

Northern Management Events leaders were excited to announce the most recent recognition of the whole team, the achievement of being named a Top Place to Work 2016 by Fair Business Report. This award is given to a company with leadership that has made a huge effort to create a positive and empowering workplace. “Companies are given this recognition when they receive 10 or more positive peer reviews within one calendar year through the Fair Business Report website,” explained Thea, the CEO of Northern Management Events.

Being named a Top Place to Work really highlights our exceptional efforts in building a positive work environment.

Thea, CEO

In the past, winners were recognized for efforts to provide exceptional professional development options, fair advancement opportunities, positive feedback and recognition of accomplishments, outstanding coaching and mentorship relationships, philanthropic activities, and excellent corporate cultures. Being a current winner of this award is an exciting achievement for Northern Management Events. “Being named a Top Place to Work really highlights our exceptional efforts in building a positive work environment. Adding this to our list of accolades makes me excited about the opportunities we have for future growth,” said Thea.

Northern Management Events Leadership Believes in the Importance of Building a Positive Company Culture

“Awards like the Fair Business Report Top Place to Work 2016 don’t happen unless we have the support of our team,” said Thea. “More importantly, it’s always a goal of Northern Management Events to create a positive culture for everyone. This award shows that our work in building a positive company culture has paid off. I think our company has a happy atmosphere where anyone can thrive.”

To build their great and now award-winning culture, the Northern Management Events team sat down to determine exactly what their company values were and how they wanted those values reflected in their day-to-day work. “We came up with fun, silly traditions both for team building and to reward top-performing associates,” said Thea, “We wanted to quickly identify individuals who really embody the culture of fun and productivity we were trying to create and then empower them to lead the way and guide others.”

Building a positive company culture takes time, but in the end it is worth the effort, and for more than just winning the Fair Business Report Top Places to Work award! “Having a shared vision makes it easier for our team to set and achieve challenging goals, and it makes our associates happy to come to work each day,” said Thea.

About Northern Management Events

Northern Management Events is an event-based marketing firm specializing in crafting promotions that build bonds between consumers and brands. The team excels at launching products into new markets and quickly driving profits. This success has afforded Northern Management Events the pleasure of working with businesses of all sizes. Its vast portfolio includes Fortune 500 companies, as well as local start-ups. With a flexible approach and a team-driven passion for results, the firm is primed for expansion. 

Source: Northern Management Events