Northern Management Events Promotes Team Members

Northern Events Management's team is celebrating the promotion of two associates, while preparing to add to their growing group. With college commencements near completion, managers invite new graduates to apply.

  “Promotions are always reasons to be happy, especially when you have two hard-working people like Wendy and John,” said Thea, Northern Management Events’ CEO.

Both Wendy and John joined the firm at the entry level and quickly rose to leadership positions, according to Thea. “Wendy has a true growth-oriented mind-set,” she stated. “She absorbs what she’s taught and applies it to her work. Any feedback she receives, she’s quick to address and immediately incorporate it. She’s always ready to learn and grow.”

"Overall, this is a tremendous chance to enter into a fast-growing field,"

Thea, CEO

As for John, Thea stated that he is a master at overcoming obstacles. “John doesn’t let anything get in his way when it comes to completing goals,” she said. “He’s consistent in his work and gets the job done no matter what.”

“Both Wendy and John exemplify the work ethic and attitude that we expect from our associates at Northern Management Events,” Thea stated, adding that the firm’s advancement policy is designed specifically to encourage this type of performance.

As she continued, “From the start, promotion and advancement have been reserved for internal opportunities. It’s our belief that by investing in the professional development of our associates, we are investing in our firm’s sustainable future. The way to ensure continuity is by keeping this knowledge within our team. This means providing ambitious individuals opportunities for unlimited growth.”

Northern Management Events Managers Announcement Recruitment Efforts

Thea announced that with the new promotions, Northern Management Events is hiring new sales and marketing team members. “We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to apply,” she said.

The ideal candidate is positive and growth-oriented, according to Thea. “Our training program is extremely thorough, so you don’t need extensive experience,” she said. “Therefore, we seek people who love to learn, work as parts of a team, and aren’t afraid of challenges.”

Thea added that along with promotions from within and excellent training, there are other benefits to working with the firm. “There are some great travel and networking opportunities that come with this role,” she said.

“Overall, this is a tremendous chance to enter into a fast-growing field,” Thea concluded. “I encourage anyone who is interested to apply and learn more about the positions available. We can’t wait to meet our new colleagues!”

About Northern Management Events

Northern Management Events is an event-based marketing firm specializing in crafting promotions that build bonds between consumers and brands. The team excels at launching products into new markets and quickly driving profits. This success has afforded Northern Management Events the pleasure of working with businesses of all sizes. Its vast portfolio includes Fortune 500 companies, as well as local start-ups. With a flexible approach and a team-driven passion for results, the firm is primed for expansion. 

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