President Donald Trump Has GOOD Review Rating - 3.86 Out of 5 Stars - on, Contrary to Recent Gallup Poll Updates Reputation Scores for Every Person in the United States, Including the President

​​​​​, the leading people review and reputation management site, today announces that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has a current reputation score of 3.86, reflecting a “GOOD” rating compared to the entire population. Like everyone, the score is based on extensive background details and reviews by people received so far.  According to, over 66% of President Trump’s reviews have been positive, contrary to the recent Gallup poll showing an approval rating of only 37%.

His current background, reviews and reputation score and can be seen here, and anyone is able to add their own reviews:

Trump’s score is higher than rival Hillary Clinton’s, whose “Fair” rating currently stands at 3.19 out of 5.  Her background profile is also available for review and rating at publicly states that scores are unbiased, based on a proprietary algorithm, and that the company does not align with any individuals or parties. allows anyone to view important (and unbiased) public information about almost everyone in the United States, translated into a commonly-used star rating system of One through Five. With background profiles for more than 275 million people in the United States, MyLife provides a transparent look at publicly available information.

“The world thinks of us as the Yelp for people,” says MyLife Founder Jeff Tinsley. “Every day people make important decisions about the friends they keep, who they do business with and even who they date. MyLife continues to provide a transparent and democratized way to learn more about anyone and their reputation so people make the right connections to better their lives,” said Tinsley.

Powered by billions of public records and personal reviews, is providing third-party accountability by using a proprietary scoring algorithm. Each profile is tied to unique individuals in the U.S. and includes key background details like biographies, photos, voter registration, arrest and court records, bankruptcy history, and of course personal reviews.

Individuals may also edit their background profile, correct mistakes, and request personal reviews from friends and colleagues to improve their score to open up opportunities for career, dating and other valuable relationships.  In addition, the service monitors when people check your own background and reputation score, much like inquiries on your credit report.

“As the standard for background reports and reputation scores, 45 million registered members use to assess the reputation for people, much like Yelp does for businesses, and is arguably more important than your credit score,” says Tinsley.

For more information, please visit to search for yourself or anyone else.



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