Preparing Business for Black Friday: Tips to Maximize Holiday Conversions by Sprinkles Media

With the arrival of November, so too does the practice of shopping for Black Friday deals.

According to Google and Riverside-based digital media agency Sprinkles Media, it's never too early to prepare for Black Friday and holiday conversions, particularly in terms of effective digital marketing.

"Before making substantial business decisions, you always need a plan," says Sprinkles Media co-founder Jess Park. "Whether it's email marketing efforts, social media marketing, or various SEO efforts targeting your audience, everything needs to be mapped out before committing to a plan. Especially before planning your Black Friday ads strategies." 

Using Black Friday Ads to Their Fullest Potential

Successfully utilizing Black Friday ads is the surefire way to maximize holiday conversions. An excellent way to pull in customers eager for Black Friday sales is ad retargeting. Retargeting is the practice of targeting possible customers based on their past browsing behavior. 

According to Sprinkles Media CEO Tyler Eisenhart, retargeting is a fantastic way to engage with people searching for unbeatable Black Friday deals. 

"Retargeting can be split into two campaigns—one: to retarget people who have recently been to the site but not converted. Secondly, retargeting to re-engage with past customers, regardless if they have been to your website recently. The easiest people to convert are often people who've bought from you before." - Tyler Eisenhart, co-founder.

Retargeting is also a sound method of converting Internet users, as it saves on costs. 

By engaging in a well-planned retargeting campaign, (Sprinkles recommends getting a retargeting email list ready well before Black Friday), businesses can easily win back potential and past customers. 

Black Friday Ad Copy

Perhaps one of the more straightforward methods of winning conversions is using promotional language in the ad copy. People are looking for deals, and businesses need to engage them with ad copy.

How to Decide on Black Friday Discounts

Above all else, Internet browsers are on the prowl for the best Black Friday deals possible. Sprinkles Media encourages businesses to lean into discounts. However, the company warns that, although discounts pull customers in, be mindful of the bottom line. 

An easy way to increase Black Friday sales is to offer a promotional code to encourage consumers to return to the site. Businesses can also offer cross-sells and upsells to increase average order value. 

How Sprinkles Media Helps Clients Maximize Black Friday Sales

Whether business owners are searching for the best SEM or SMM strategy for online shoppers, Sprinkles Media helps find their niche. 

Along with offering helpful tidbits of advertising and marketing advice, the Riverside digital media agency walks clients through every step of the digital marketing process.

More About Sprinkles Media

Sprinkles Media is a digital marketing startup launched in January 2021. Sprinkles Media offers a comprehensive, holistic marketing approach, covering every aspect of digital marketing. 

Businesses can benefit from free consultations, custom branding, website development, SEO, and more.

Source: Sprinkles Media