Premier Traveler Honored With Three Awards From the Prestigious Society of American Travel Writers (SATW)

While the World's Most Decorated Olympian, Michael Phelps, Graces our Cover, PT Continues to be Recognized for it's Editorial Excellence!

Premier Traveler Honored With Three Awards From the Prestigious Society of American Travel Writers (SATW)

Premier Traveler Worldwide ( was recently named among the winners of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) 2016 Writing / Photo Contest. The magazine’s longtime Features Editor, Janet Forman, was recognized with awards for both her writing and photography, adding to the long list of distinctions she has earned for her work with Premier Traveler.

PT’s most recent SATW awards included:

First Place, Photography category, for “Hands on Vacation,” a feature detailing engaging travel experiences around the world

First Place, Writing, History category, for the in-depth, multi-page look at the compelling “Women of Boeing”

Second Place, Writing, Miscellaneous category, for “Hands on Vacation”

“As always, I am immensely proud of Janet Forman, our excellent team and the work they have done for the magazine,” enthused Adam Rodrigues, CEO and Editorial Director of Premier Traveler Worldwide. “In issue after issue, Forman continues to give us her unique, insightful look at the world, bringing her love of travel and natural curiosity to topics that appeal to savvy and sophisticated road warriors—be they destination spotlights or in-depth examinations of the travel industry.”

A particular source of pride is Forman’s stellar feature on “The Women of Boeing,” published in Premier Traveler’s November 2015 issue. Timed to coincide with Boeing’s 100th anniversary year, the feature examined some of the trailblazing women who have helped make the aviation company what it is, from its first female aeronautical engineer and glass ceiling-breaking executives to the nurse who pitched the idea for what would eventually become flight attendants. “While the Boeing Company is an American institution that has been shaping the aviation industry since the era of biplanes,” Forman wrote, “it has also been pushing the boundaries of the traditional workplace by actively recruiting and reaching out to female workers, and creating an atmosphere in which they can thrive.”

In addition to her three honors from SATW, Forman earlier this year was always recognized with six awards and honorable mentions from the North American Travel Journalists Association, including nods for Best Travel Series- Magazine, Best Special Focus Travel Article, and Best Travel Tips story for her mannered look at those who are “Rude on the Road.” Forman was also honored for her Letter from the Features Editor, published in the April / May 2015 issue—the first time an Editor’s Letter has been singled out by the organization.

About SATW: Founded in 1955, SATW is a professional association made up of 1,100 writers, photographers, editors, broadcast/video/film producers, bloggers, website owners, public relations experts and hospitality industry representatives from the United States and Canada. The organization’s Eastern Chapter represents members along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, including those residing in the District of Columbia, Bermuda, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

About Premier Traveler Worldwide (PT) was created as an outlet for its readers’ voices to be heard. Perpetually on-the-go (both domestically and abroad), with high expectations and a taste for luxury, Premier Traveler readers always have something to share—a personal experience, an opinion, a suggestion, a question—and PT was designed to listen to and seek the answers they need. The open dialogue doesn’t stop with letters and emails from readers: the magazine goes one step engaging readers via questionnaires on a variety of topics, allowing the editorial team to inject the magazine’s content with valuable and relevant insights. This is one example of what elevates Premier Traveler beyond just another magazine to one that shares a personal connection with its readers.


  • 2013 “Best Magazine Article: U.S. Travel”
  • 2013  “Best Magazine Article: Foreign Travel”
  • 2013  “Best Business Travel Media Award”
  • 2014  “Bill Muster Gold Award: Cultural Category”
  • 2014 “Best Magazine Article Foreign Travel: The World's a Stage”
  • 2014 “Best Magazine Article Foreign Travel: Lisbon’s New Lease on Life”
  • 2014  “Best in-depth coverage on travel theme: Series on Women in Travel”
  • 2014  “The Business of Travel, Second Place: Meet in the Cloud Forest”
  • 2014 “Best Photography, Action, Second Place: Shark Tank (Dubai)”
  • 2014 “Best Magazine Article Foreign Travel, Second Place”
  • 2015 “Best Magazine Article: Romance”
  • 2015 “Best Magazine Article, Second Place: Food and Wine”
  • 2015 “Best Byline Travel Column, Second Place”
  • 2016 “Misc Category, Hands on Vacation”
  • 2016 “More than One Destination”
  • 2016 “Best History Category, The Women of Boeing”

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About Us: Premier Traveler (PT) was created as an outlet for its readers' voices to be heard. Perpetually on-the-go (both domestically and abroad), with high expectations and a taste for luxury, Premier Traveler readers always have something to share

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