Precision Voltage and Frequency Converter Delivers Clean Power Anywhere

Mains reconstruction provides the ultimate power conditioner—and much more.

Mercury Audio Frequency and Voltage Converter

Coming soon, the new Mercury family of Voltage and Frequency Converters supports audio equipment up to 1000 watts. The Mercury family are clean power converters, capable of reconditioning the local power grid in any country.

The entire KCC product line of precision voltage and frequency converters have a selectable output frequency of 50 or 60Hz as well as a selectable output voltage of 115V or 230V AC.  The Mercury family is ideal for a range of audio equipment providing up to 1000 watts, including tube-based equipment, preamplifiers, amplifiers, pro tape equipment, turntables, and much more.  It works equally well in the U.S., EU, UK, Australia, Japan and other worldwide locations.

Mercury is a KCC Scientific Professional Series innovation, incorporating features such as separate 115V and 230V AC outlets, output power display, wide base dimensions for ideal component stacking, and more. Customers experience turntable speed precision with distortion-free sound and minimized ground loops. The benefits apply to both vintage and contemporary audio equipment. 

KCC Scientific is known for precision power sources, enabling electronic devices from all countries to be powered from any outlet worldwide. Hercules powers audio systems up to 200 watts. Thor, which has been found to be ideal for vintage Braun record player and turntable owners, powers up to 100 watts.

This technology is critical for anyone using equipment with non-domestic power requirements. Even for domestic equipment, delivering pure sine power isolated from frequency drift and mains power line noise makes a discernable difference in audio quality. Because the output is precision, regulated, and isolated, it is immune from today’s ever-increasing mains power line aberrations.

The Mercury family will be featured at the HiFi Summit which runs June 26-30 2020. The Hi-Fi Summit is the first digital trade show and worldwide conference the HiFi industry has seen. Although the HiFi Summit was created by Joe Mariano (JOE-N-TELL) in response to COVID-19, it is believed that the future of HiFi trade shows will include the digital space.  President of KCC Scientific, Ken Reindel, will return as part of the innovative HiFi Summit Speaker Series. Ken will be discussing mains power reconstruction in his presentation, “The Evolution of Clean Power for Audio: Power Conditioning, Regeneration, to Mains Reconstruction”. More at

KCC Scientific provides a single worldwide solution to power valued electronic devices. Economical, high-precision KCC Clean Power Converters are designed to match the voltage, frequency and wattage requirements of devices to the local mains powerline anywhere in the world. Using a Clean Power Converter, an electronic device is powered exactly as it was originally designed to be, with no compromises, regardless of the quality of the local power grid. Clean Power Converters are precision-engineered, conservatively rated and well-protected from overloads. All KCC Scientific products are confidently backed with a two-year warranty.

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Source: KCC Scientific LLC